Nature Play is seeking to become Europe’s first Agile Learning Community on Evia Island, Greece, and across Europe. The campaign concerns the hosting of the first ever Agile Learning Facilitators (ALF) training in Europe: ALF Summer Europe.

A project coordinated by Marcus Letts from One Planet Productions, a project development agency working in North Evia (Origin Club, Transform Evia).

Learn more about the project and make a pledge here

What is Nature Play Agile Learning Community?

Nature Play Agile Learning Community (ALC) is an Agile Learning ecosystem in the making located on the Aegean island region of North Evia in Central Greece. Inspired by the growing ALC model in the USA, a distributed network of Agile Learning Communities is nurtured in the region, in wider Greece and across Europe.

Specifically, the programme is focused on a diverse offering of activities and experiences for children and young people in the municipality of Limni-Mandouthi-Agia Anna on Evia island. Initially these will include:

  • Pre-school in the mornings.
  • Youth clubs in the evenings.
  • Forest schools and work experience days.
  • Weekend pop-ups and agile expeditions.
  • Week-long summer camps.

Nature Play ALC attempts to become accessible to local children by adopting a complementary rather than confrontational approach, and also affordable to everyone – including the island’s refugee community. This entails making the programmes attractive to tourists and then actively cross-subsidising their offerings to local children. Simultaneously, it is embracing opportunities for oversees educators and volunteers to join in a co-learning adventure.

The bigger picture mission is to transform Evia into a leading European destination for regenerative culture design and applied social economics. This vision and strategy begins and ends with self-directed learning and intentional culture creation that needs to be based on a foundation of agile principles and practices.

Photo by Pensive glance

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