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Support Ignite TV! A Commons-oriented viewer-owned station

From wnd.com: Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own a TV Channel? Well, now you can be one of the owners of a new TV channel called Ignite TV. The media has long been controlled by a select few and they have often used this platform irresponsibly and arguably contributed significantly to shaping… Continue reading

Why Use Creative Commons Licenses?

Even though Creative Commons licenses have been around for more than a decade, I am always surprised to learn that many progressive-minded activists, artists and academics – the people who should be most enthusiastic about the licenses – know nothing about them or at least don’t use them. A big welcome, then, to a new… Continue reading

The Origin of Spaces: Bordeaux

#OOS BORDEAUX: Ecological Transition “We wanted Darwin to be about inventing new ways of working, new ways of doing business, new ways of enjoying life. It was about reinventing the city. From the outset, our ambitions came up against the limits imposed by environmental concerns, at a time of major upheaval, resource shortages, and, whatever… Continue reading

Funding the Cooperative City in Rome

Video by Eutropian: Funding the Cooperative City is an applied research project looking into how civic spaces are developing new economic models to run their spaces sustainably. This video tells about the exchange between Roman initiatives and other organisations from around Europe. More on cooperativecity.org Photo by Luc Mercelis

Noam Chomsky: Postmodernism is an Instrument of Power

PhilosophyInsights: Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic, and political activist. He is Institute Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In this interview he talks about postmodernism, how it is an instrument of power and why academics embrace it. Photo by Truthout.org

LaFabrika detodalavida – Revitalising a rural area

From cooperativecity: When the organisation LaFabrika detodalavida set itself to refurbish an abandoned industrial space in Spain’s disadvantaged Extremadura region, they launched a crowdfunding campaign with the help of the Goteo platform. The campaign reached the target of 6.000 euros, of which 2.630 euros were co-financed by the Regional Government of Extremadura through an agreement… Continue reading

Wikitoki – Sharing non-monetary resources

From cooperativecity.org: Wikitoki is a laboratory of co-creation and collaborative practices in Bilbao. Wikitoki experiments with new models of production and organisation giving an important role to non-monetary kinds of capital, such as time, knowledge, networks or contacts.    

Homes by people

A public service broadcast by WikiHouseUK on Britain’s housing crisis, offering one key idea for reinventing our housing systems in the 21st century. WikiHouse Foundation is a non-profit registered in the UK, please donate to support us at http://www.wikihouse.cc/support/ @WikiHouseUK Supported by Wikihouse Foundation http://www.wikihouse.cc Production by Dynamichrome http://www.dynamichrome.com