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Michel Bauwens on Technological Sovereignty in the Transition from a Marxist Capitalism to a Proudhonian Capitalism

Michel Bauwens: My keynote presentation for the platform cooperativism conference in Hong Kong, an argument that technology is NOT NEUTRAL, but the result of human design and therefore, to the values and interests of human groups Today, four socio-technical systems are competing for dominance, two of them extractive towards communities and resources, two of them… Continue reading

Cosmolocalism in Nutshell

In the midst of a systemic crisis, it is imperative to create evidence-based awareness of new capitalist and post-capitalist futures. COSMOLOCALISM will advance our understanding of how to create a sustainable economy through the commons. Find out more on the Cosmolocalism Website. Extended summary COSMOLOCALISM will document, analyze, test, evaluate, and create awareness about an emerging mode… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Interactive Cities

A Roadmap to Digital Urban Governance This publication is an output of the Interactive Cities URBACT network that explored how digital, social media and user generated content can improve today´s urban management in European cities, whatever size. This challenge has been tackled in two ways. This challenge has been tackled in two ways. Firstly, as an opportunity… Continue reading

The Work Revolution: How Freelancers Got a Union

Freelancers Union promotes the interests of independent workers through advocacy, education, and services. Nearly one in three working Americans is an independent worker. That’s 53 million people – and growing. We’re lawyers and nannies. We’re graphic designers and temps. We’re the future of the economy. And we’re stronger together than we are alone. Freelancers Union… Continue reading

Michel Bauwens on empathic, rigorous responses to the Anthropocene

Michel is founder of P2PFoundation.net and a global advocate for CommonsTransition.org Both organisations are inspiring individuals in local, regional, national ‘communities of interest’, and ‘communities of practice’ to cooperatively design solutions toward a more sustainable human future (beyond the binary of Liberal/Labour fuelled toxic economics & exclusive capitalism), out of necessity. In this interview between Michel and Redland… Continue reading

Open 2018: Richard Bartlett and Natalia Lombardo on Patterns for Decentralised Organising

Richard Bartlett and Natalia Lombardo from Loomio running a shorter version of their excellent workshop on Patterns for decentralised organising. If you work in any type of co-operative or non-hierarchical group and are interested in improving efficiencies and developing more successful collaboration within your team/s, this workshop is for you. There are also some useful shared notes and links in the working doc… Continue reading