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Catalysing collaboration at scale

The video above is a recording of a webinar exploring how to catalyse collaboration at scale. This first event of OPEN 2019 covers the ideas behind The DNA of Collaboration and Harmonious Working Patterns to explore ideas which might help all the people, communities and organisations working on creating a new, decentralised, regenerative economy collaborate better to produce more impact. Panelists:… Continue reading

David Harvey on Primitive Accumulation and the Enclosure of the Commons

Originally available via Democracy at Work as part of the “Anti-Capitalist Chronicles” series. This episode: ‘Primitive or Original Accumulation’. From Democracy at Work To our Patreon community: thank you for supporting David Harvey’s Anti-Capitalist Chronicles on Patreon! Your support helps us compensate the staff and additional workers it takes to put an episode together. Thank… Continue reading

Patterns for Decentralised Organising / Richard D. Barlett and Natalia Lombardo / Intersection18

Presented at Intersection Conference If you’re interested in the future of work, you may have heard rumours about Enspiral, a network of 200 entrepreneurs in New Zealand working on “stuff that matters”. The network is composed of many start-ups and small co-ops experimenting with radical self-management practices, decentralised ownership, and shared leadership. Nati and Rich… Continue reading

Sacred Economics (2019 Remix)

Sacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth. Video reposted from Youtube Today, these trends have reached their extreme – but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great… Continue reading

Sharing Islands 2018 – Michel Bauwens

Republished from Tenerife Colaborativa Michel Bauwens at the 2018 Opening of Tenerife Colaborativa/Sharing Islands 2018: “Cosmo-localism takes place when easily accessible designs are paired with localized and distributed production capabilities using new breakthrough technologies that facilitate local manufacture/production. “

How Insane is Global Trade? Here are the facts

Reposted from Local Futures. The way trade works in the global economy can be insane – it wastes resources, worsens climate change, and undermines the livelihoods of millions of small-scale producers worldwide. Yet it is an almost unavoidable consequence of de-regulatory ‘free trade’ agreements and the billions of dollars in supports and subsidies – many… Continue reading

The Money Question

Introducing the Money Question, a new collaborative platform bringing together and amplifying heterodox approaches to improve the conversation on money. Coming 15/03/2019 Republished text from The Money Question Modern Monetary Theory Introduction In the space of little more than a decade, Modern Monetary Theory has spread from a relatively small group of academics to become… Continue reading

The Rojava Revolution: Co-operation, Environmentalism, and Feminism in the North Syria Democratic Federation

Republished from Global University for Sustainability The Fifth South-South Forum on Sustainability (SSFS5) was organized by Global University for Sustainability and the Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, together with 10 co-organizers, on 13–18 June 2018, in Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China. SSFS5 focused on “Transformative Visions and Praxis”. On Day 3 (15 June 2018),… Continue reading