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New Municipalism: A video explainer

Stir to Action has worked in partnership with the Centre for Urban Research on Austerity at De Montfort University in Leicester to produce a new video resource for the municipalist movement. The video was inspired by CURA’s Municipal Socialism in the 21st Century event in June 2018, and highlights the latest concepts in the movement,… Continue reading

Douglas Rushkoff on the importance of human connection in the digital age

Douglas Rushkoff, speaking at this summer’s Future Fest explores the importance of human connection in the digital age. About Team Human A provocative, exciting, and important rallying cry to reassert our human spirit of community and teamwork.”―Walter Isaacson Though created by humans, our technologies, markets, and institutions often contain an antihuman agenda. Douglas Rushkoff, digital… Continue reading

The Not-for-Profit World Our Hearts Know is Possible

Presentation by Prof. Donnie Maclurcan (@donmacca) of the Post Growth Institute (@postgrowth) on the Not-for-Profit World model, designed in collaboration with Jennifer Hinton (@hintojen) and Sarah Reibstein (@sarahreibstein) Hosted at London South Bank University (@LSBU), 6th Oct., by Prof. Ros Wade (@RosWade1). Filmed by Jeremy Williams (@jeremy_willaims) of www.makewealthhistory.org. Event organised by Gudrun Freese (@doshorts)… Continue reading

OPEN 2018: Growing the commons

Stacco Troncoso from the P2P Foundation; Mònica Garriga Miret from the Free Knowledge Institute; Guillaume Compain from Plateformes en communs and Tiberius Brastaviceanu, Co-Founder of Sensorica discussing strategies for Growing the Commons. Stacco has worked alongside Michel Bauwens for many years and has an excellent grasp on the concepts of the commons, whilst Monica is… Continue reading

OPEN 2018: What is a Co-op? Sion Whellens

Siôn Whellens, Co-Founder of the Worker Co-op Solidarity Fund provides a brilliant explanation of cooperatives (from Youtube). Siôn Whellens, Co-Founder of the Worker Co-op Solidarity Fund, Dave Boyle, Founder of The Community Shares Company, and Alex Bird, Chair of Co-operatives and Mutuals Wales, leading a practical session on How to start a co-op, covering legal entities,… Continue reading

A Scuttlebutt Love Story

Scuttlebutt aims to harmonize four perspectives of life: Environment reflecting Technology reflecting Community reflecting Society. We acknowledge the natural, the virtual, and the social environments. Our responsibility is to recognize which resources are abundant, which are sufficient, and adapt accordingly through efficiency. Technology is simply the means by which we communicate. We use local-first publishing… Continue reading

How can Blockchain enable Elinor Ostrom’s 8 commons principles?

Samer Hassan, researcher at Harvard University’s Berkman Center and UCM in Madrid, who recently received a 1.5M€ grant to build blockchain-based democratic and sustainable organizations for the collaborative economy (p2pmodels.eu), leads a working session exploring how blockchain technologies, can be utilized to create new ways to cooperate: building new commons-oriented, blockchain-driven initiatives which incorporate Elinor Ostrom’s 8… Continue reading

The Lucas Plan: a Documentary

The Plan That Came From The Bottom Up 40 years ago a group of skilled engineers at Lucas Aerospace UK, when threatened with redundancy, responded with an ambitious plan to make better use of their talents – designing what they called socially useful and environmentally sustainable alternatives to the military products their company made. THE… Continue reading