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A Public Bank for the Public Good

Reposted from The Laura Flanders Show. What would students in debt, worker coops, and entrepreneurs stand to gain from a public bank in the financial capital of the world? This week, putting communities over commodities with leading figures in the fight for a new economy for working people. Is a Public Bank in the financial… Continue reading

What is Community Composting?

Past attendees of the National Cultivating Community Composting Forum & Workshop share their answers to the question, “What is Community Composting?” Community composters serve an integral and unique role in both the broader composting industry and the sustainable food movement. They are the social innovators and entrepreneurs that are collecting food waste by burning calories… Continue reading

Sweat Equity: How Uruguay’s housing coops provide solidarity and shelter to low-income families

Daniel Chavez: Uruguay’s housing cooperatives are a successful and proven alternative for the provision of shelter and related urban services to low-income families, as well as a vibrant social movement. With over 25,000 families organised in 560 cooperatives, this programme is one of the world’s most ambitious and radical attempts to solve the housing crisis,… Continue reading

Project of the Day: The Algorithm Observatory

Social media platforms watch us. But who watches them? Part media literacy project and part citizen science experiment, Algorithm Observatory is a global collaborative lab for the empirical analysis of social computing algorithms. We are currently in the prototype stage, which only allows you to study Facebook advertising algorithms. Join us! Click here for more info about… Continue reading

Holo: The evolution of cloud computing

If you’re looking for good, accessible resources on Holo and Holochain, you’ve come to the right place. Up above you’ll find a video presentation by Nancy Giordano (the slides are below). Additionally, we’re republishing a post by Matthew Schutte on Holo’s impressive potential. Nancy Giordano presents Holochain from P2PF Holo: The evolution of cloud computing… Continue reading

Crowdfunding: New Economy Programme

We talk about making ‘communities stronger’ and creating a ‘fairer economy.’ But these approaches are still struggling to significantly impact our society and economy — 80% of the UK’s freelancers are living in poverty, Black African women earn 19.6% less than White British Men, 27 pubs are closing every week as part of a wider… Continue reading