Basic Income vs. Job Guarantee

Josh Davis, writing for Grassroots Economic Organizing, shares his alternative to UBI: I was fortunate enough to get to attend the 2016 Worker Cooperative National Conference held in Austin, TX at the end of July.  A few issues came up over the course of the weekend that piqued my interest, largely because I hadn’t heard… Continue reading

Project Of The Day: Freedom Coop

Last week, the British media featured a story about a member of the royalty avoiding tax. While this practice is nothing new and is certainly not limited to royalty, the legal structure permitting the tax avoidance was roundly criticized. The criticism highlighted the fact that the inheritance tax avoided would have funded the Nation Health… Continue reading

CIC’s economic ecosystem: Community exchange networks and local currencies in Catalonia

A characteristic of healthy social movements is that they create the “structures” and the “tools” that are most appropriate to their needs and goals. The economic model of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana (CIC), which aspires to “bring together all the basic elements of an economy such as production, consumption, funding and a local currency” (“What’s… Continue reading

Council of the European Union Calls for Open Access to Scientific Research by 2020

Cross-posted from Shareable and written by Cat Johnson: The argument that publicly-funded research should be made available to the public recently received a shot on the arm when the Competitiveness Council of the European Union reinforced its commitment to making all scientific articles and data openly accessible and reusable by 2020. As Creative Commons reports,… Continue reading

Capital doesn’t automate, it entangles

During Nick Dyer-Witheford’s presentation at #PlatPol11 the issue of Capital replacing Labour in production entered the conversation and persisted throughout the informal discussions. Would Capitalism automate itself out of existence? Probably not. As Nick noted, it’s not the unskilled, menial jobs Capitalism automates, but usually the skilled ones. Rather than a future characterized by gleaming fully automated robot factories… Continue reading

Re-experience OuiShare Fest 2016

Written by Khushboo Balwani and cross-posted from Shareable: Even though it is almost impossible to transmit the atmosphere of an event after it has happened, here are some ways you can re-live moments from OuiShare Fest Paris and get in-depth insights into the discussions that took place. WATCH ALL SESSIONS LIVE ON OUISHARE TV: You… Continue reading

Of Horseshoe Crabs and Empathy

No doubt it is true that climate change exacerbates all kinds of environmental problems, but the rush to name a unitary cause to a complex problem should give us pause. The pattern is familiar. Do you think the “fight against climate change,” which starts by identifying an enemy, CO2, will bring better results than the… Continue reading