3 Key Rights Underlying the Solidarity Economy in Brazil

Anna Cash: Solidarity economy enterprises move beyond the “any job is a good job” logic sometimes found in efforts to address labor market exclusion. Instead, these more holistically supportive workspaces can help solidarity economy entrepreneurs move beyond “consumer citizenship” into a deeper participatory citizenship, becoming protagonists. But what does citizenship mean in the context of… Continue reading

Solidarity Economy Showcase: Ellon Hinengo Co-operative Society, Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Cooperative College)

The P2P Foundation is serializing videos on the Solidarity Economy produced by the SUSY (Sustainable and Solidarity Economy) Project. See all videos here. Associate Veena Nabar worked on behalf of the College in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which is geographically isolated from mainland India, to produce a film about Ellon Hinengo Co-operative Society. Ellon… Continue reading

Julien Reynier and Fabrice Clerc from L’Atelier Paysan on self-build communities in farming

The P2P Foundation’s Michel Bauwens interviews Julien Reynier and Fabrice Clerc from L’Atelier Paysan L’Atelier Paysan is a French cooperative that works with farmers to design machines and buildings adapted to the specific practices of small farm agroecology. In addition to distributing free plans on its website, L’Atelier Paysan organizes winter self-help training sessions, during which farmers… Continue reading

Lessons from the Practice of Basic Income

Marcus Brancaglione. Lessons from the Practice of Basic Income: A Compendium of Writings and Data. Edited by Bruna Augusto. Translated by Monica Puntel, Leonardo Puntel, Carolina Fisher (São Paulo, 2016). This is a collection of writings by Marcus Brancaglione. Brancaglione is President of ReCivitas (Institute for the Revitalization of Citizenship); Bruna Augusto, who edited the… Continue reading

Timothy Rayner on Maker Democracy

From author Timothy Rayner: “The thought experiment I’d like to propose involves bringing together Unger’s argument concerning how progressives should attempt to revivify democracy with the empirical observation that collaborative experimentation is increasingly shaping the zeitgeist. I suspect that Unger is addressing the wrong community in his call to arms. Perhaps, instead of calling on progressives… Continue reading

Can e-agriculture contribute to erode reciprocal practices?

A PhD thesis on reciprocal technologies by Eugenio Tisselli. Plymouth University, 2016. Full title: “Reciprocal Technologies: Enabling the Reciprocal Exchange of Voice in Small-Scale Farming Communities through the Transformation of Information and Communications Technologies”. Summary Industrial agricultural systems have compromised local, regional, and even planetary ecosystems, and have largely denied the voices and collaborative practices… Continue reading

A Prolegomena to any Future Politics

This post by Jordan Greenhall originally appeared on Medium.com The following are a series of assertions around our present geo-political circumstances and hypotheses about our most effective actions. There is a global institutional order, largely initiated as the aftermath of WWII and growing organically through to the fall of the Eastern Bloc, at which point… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: An Introduction to Generative Justice

An article on Generative Justice written by Ron Eglash. Originally published at Revista Teknokultura. Abstract Marx proposed that capitalism’s destructive force is caused, at root, by the alienation of labor value from its generators. Environmentalists have added the concept of unalienated ecological value, and rights activists added the unalienated expressive value of free speech, sexuality,… Continue reading

The Information War Has Begun

This post by Danah Boyd was originally published on Medium.com Yesterday*, Steve Bannon clearly articulated what many people have felt and known for quite some time when he told journalists, “You’re the opposition party. Not the Democratic Party… The media’s the opposition party.” This builds on earlier remarks by Trump, who said, “I have a… Continue reading