There is a campaign happening right now to #BuyTwitter, which is up for sale, and transform it into a user-owned cooperative. The organizers are bringing together fellow Twitter users to try and make a fair deal, and to: Reward the creators Empower the users Innovate through co-ownership Skeptical? Worried that trolls will ruin it? Fear… Continue reading

The Sharing Economy Blues

As the money in the Sharing Economy has grown, so has the driving ideology behind it, and now it’s become basically a deregulation movement, with companies like Uber and Airbnb building business models that demand deregulation of their industries in cities around the world. Tom Slee on Silicon Valley’s anti-regulation revolution. This interview was conducted… Continue reading

Project Of The Day: Cooperation Jackson

I attended Cooperation Jackson’s Kali Akuno presentation at SOCAP’s Neighborhood Economics in September. We met for breakfast one day and Kali provided an update on Cooperation Jackson’s strategy and challenges. One of the aims of Cooperation Jackson is to maintain affordable housing through a community land trust. A community land trust is generally a not… Continue reading

Team Human 6: Kio Stark on “Talk to Strangers”

http://teamhuman.fm/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/TH_Ep.-06_KioStark.mp3   Playing for Team Human today is Kio Stark. Kio’s new book When Strangers Meet explores the transformative power to be found in person-to-person interactions with strangers. Kio describes how even a brief interaction can foster empathy and open up the possibility for meaningful human connection. Kio and Douglas challenge the unwritten rules of… Continue reading