In search of Europe

Preceding the Dutch EU presidency Flemish artist Lucas de Man proposed a bold idea: he would be travelling through the EU and find young and somewhat older people to explain him how Europe is changing and could be changed. ECF supported Lucas de Man in his plan with networks and some financial help. Upon return… Continue reading

Agroecology and the Green Revolution

This post by Patty and Leigh Anne originally appeared on o ecotextiles. The promise of the Green Revolution was that it would end hunger through the magic of chemicals and genetic engineering.   The reasoning goes like this:  the miracle seeds of the Green Revolution increase grain yields; higher yields mean more income for poor farmers,… Continue reading

Sebastian Junger’s Meditation on Tribes

Why is it that American combat veterans experience the highest rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the world, while soldiers from other countries have far lower levels?  Amazingly, warriors of the past, such as Native Americans, rarely experienced PTSD-like symptoms. In his new book Tribe, Sebastian Junger argues that much of the difference lies… Continue reading

Communard Manifesto: Appendix

Appendix: concrete things you can do with this manifesto If you’ve found ideas in the preceding paragraphs that agree with your state of being in the world and your understanding of relations with others, there are many things you can do, starting now. You don’t have to immediately leave everything behind and organize an egalitarian… Continue reading

Basic Income vs. Job Guarantee

Josh Davis, writing for Grassroots Economic Organizing, shares his alternative to UBI: I was fortunate enough to get to attend the 2016 Worker Cooperative National Conference held in Austin, TX at the end of July.  A few issues came up over the course of the weekend that piqued my interest, largely because I hadn’t heard… Continue reading