Combining HANDS-ON EXPERIMENTATION with expert input: Our week 6 learnings in REMODEL

The 10 companies in the REMODEL design-sprint are continuing their soliciting of feedback in order to challenge the emerging open source-based business strategy that they are exploring for their product. In this 6th phase that feedback comes from two sources: The global REMODEL Expert Panel and from actual stakeholders in the companies’ potential co-creator community…. Continue reading

Do we need a new myth, or no myth?

This is the true, biggest challenge I’m facing as a writer and thinker. Myth: Do we need a new one, or do we need to dispense with them altogether? I used to direct theater. I left the theater because I got increasingly dissatisfied with its reliance on stories with clear beginnings, middles, and ends. Aristotle’s… Continue reading

Sweat Equity: How Uruguay’s housing coops provide solidarity and shelter to low-income families

Daniel Chavez: Uruguay’s housing cooperatives are a successful and proven alternative for the provision of shelter and related urban services to low-income families, as well as a vibrant social movement. With over 25,000 families organised in 560 cooperatives, this programme is one of the world’s most ambitious and radical attempts to solve the housing crisis,… Continue reading

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Dispossessed community finances and builds affordable homes

When the homes of 36,000 people were demolished to expand Tanzania’s Dar Es Salaam port, Chamazi Community Based Housing Scheme galvanized displaced communities, civil society, government, donors and the private sector to build new and affordable homes for them. In 2006, Tanzania’s government demolished 7,351 houses in Kurasini to expand Dar Es Salaam port, leaving… Continue reading

Blair Evans on the Synergy between Permaculture, Digital Fabrication and Autonomous Production by Disadvantaged Communities

Excerpted from an article and profile of Blair Evans by MATTHEW PIPER: “Permaculture,” Blair says, “is based in systems thinking. But it’s hard to understand systems in general unless you understand one system well that you can abstract from. Unfortunately, in communities that are disenfranchised or under-resourced, there aren’t a whole lot of opportunities to… Continue reading

Platform Coops’ Governance (I): Challenges

As I wrote in my previous post, we can build Platform Coops mainly based on thin relationships that follow maximizing individual self-interest, or based mainly on thick relationships that follow social and emotional engagement (always expect, though, a combination of the two). While governance is not the only factor that shapes relationships, it is nevertheless… Continue reading

Basic Income & Women’s Liberation

The UK-based activist network Radical Assembly interviewed Barb Jacobson, coordinator of Basic Income UK and member of the board of Unconditional Basic Income Europe, about basic income and women’s liberation. Jacobson discusses the history of the “wages for housework” movement, connecting it to the contemporary movement for unconditional basic income. Republished from