Cooperative and Common Ownership

Certain changes to the cooperative form could permit the creation of enterprises that would not belong to anyone specifically but would be at the disposal of its users, workers and clients alike We have argued in the past few years for a new form of ‘open cooperativism’ in which cooperatives would engage themselves structurally and legally… Continue reading

Be more Human – Capital

This is the first article of the Be More Human series, which explores ideas and issues that define the new economy. This piece was written by Pedro Jardim and edited by Ben Riddle. The article was originally published at Coliga: “When I was 17, I moved from my birthplace in São Paulo, Brazil to Germany…. Continue reading

Team Human 11: Steve Lambert on Public Displays of Collaboration Playing for Team Human is art activist Steve Lambert. Steve reclaims public spaces with his work, igniting the radical imagination and critical thinking of his audience collaborators. With his recent piece, “Capitalism Works For Me!(True/False),” Lambert brought an interactive scoreboard out to the public, and in doing so, sparked an honest, candid, and personal discussion… Continue reading

Collaboratively Generating More Knowledge: Public Lab’s Approach to Citizen Science

Creative Commons: Citizen science is the powerful idea that communities should be empowered to participate in the process of scientific inquiry, investigating the world around them and creating societal change in the process. One of the most prominent projects within the citizen and civic science movement is Public Lab, a community of individuals using inexpensive… Continue reading

In Brussels, Online Food Couriers Launch Their Own Platform Co-Op

Crossposted from Matthieu Lietaert: The sector of online food delivery is booming in many cities in the economically developed world. It’s a promising market and many corporations like Deliveroo or UberEATS are pedaling fast to move in and win the race. The recent strikes of couriers’ have shown that despite all the millions of dollars in venture capital, the human factor is… Continue reading

Democracy Series: Vorarlberg Civic Councils

This month, the United States news media began fretting publicly over “fake news”. Stanford university published a study revealing that middle school students did not distinguish between “sponsored content” and real news. If you are laughing as you read this, I can’t fault you.  In the United States a dozen billionaires own nearly all media companies…. Continue reading

Global population does not want commercial banks to stay responsible for creating most of the money

A very interesting report on public perception regarding money creation. Originally published in Positive Money’s website. More than 23,000 people in 20 countries were asked about who they think actually creates 95% of the money in circulation and who they think should create most of the money. These questions were part of the Glocalities survey… Continue reading

Networks of Control: A Report on Corporate Surveillance, Digital Tracking, Big Data & Privacy

Two Austrian privacy researchers, Wolfie Christl and Sarah Spiekermann, have conducted a comprehensive study about corporate surveillance, digital tracking, big data and privacy. Their detailed report shows, how networks of companies are collecting, analyzing, sharing and making use of vast amounts of personal information about billions of people. The report was originally published at Cracked… Continue reading