How Insane is Global Trade? Here are the facts

Reposted from Local Futures. The way trade works in the global economy can be insane – it wastes resources, worsens climate change, and undermines the livelihoods of millions of small-scale producers worldwide. Yet it is an almost unavoidable consequence of de-regulatory ‘free trade’ agreements and the billions of dollars in supports and subsidies – many… Continue reading

11 Practical Steps Towards Healthy Power Dynamics at Work

In Part 1, I explained what I have in mind when I talk about “hierarchy” and “power”, introducing three different types of power: power-from-within or empowerment power-with or social power power-over or coercion In this second part, I get into the practical stuff: 11 steps towards healthy power dynamics. I’m primarily writing this for people that strive towards “non-hierarchical” organising, but expect… Continue reading

Energy democracy: taking back power

This post by Johanna Bozuwa was originally posted on Executive Summary: Electric utility (re)municipalization is gaining popularity as a strategy to shift away from a reliance on fossil fuel extraction in the context of combating climate change. Across the world—from Berlin to Boulder—communities have initiated campaigns to take back their power from investor-owned (private)… Continue reading

The Money Question

Introducing the Money Question, a new collaborative platform bringing together and amplifying heterodox approaches to improve the conversation on money. Coming 15/03/2019 Republished text from The Money Question Modern Monetary Theory Introduction In the space of little more than a decade, Modern Monetary Theory has spread from a relatively small group of academics to become… Continue reading

CfP: “Ethnographies of Collaborative Economi(es) Conference” – University of Edinburgh, 25 October, 2019

Call for Papers: “Ethnographies of Collaborative Economi(es) Conference” University of Edinburgh Friday 25 October, 2019 Website: Organisers: Penny Travlou (University of Edinburgh) and Luigina Ciolfi (Sheffield Hallam University) Background The terms “Sharing Economy” or “Collaborative Economy” have been commonly used in recent years to refer to a proliferation of initiatives, business models and forms of… Continue reading

The Rojava Revolution: Co-operation, Environmentalism, and Feminism in the North Syria Democratic Federation

Republished from Global University for Sustainability The Fifth South-South Forum on Sustainability (SSFS5) was organized by Global University for Sustainability and the Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, together with 10 co-organizers, on 13–18 June 2018, in Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China. SSFS5 focused on “Transformative Visions and Praxis”. On Day 3 (15 June 2018),… Continue reading

Self-Regulation and Regulatory Intermediation in the Platform Economy

Republished excerpt from Forthcoming in: Marta Cantero Gamito & Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz (eds.) The Role of the EU in Transnational Legal Ordering: Standards, Contracts and Codes, Edward Elgar 2019 Christoph Busch University of Osnabrück – European Legal Studies Institute Abstract Digital platforms are not only market intermediaries between different groups of platform users. They are… Continue reading

Podcast of the Day: The White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto – Jaya Klara Brekke, Ben Vickers and Paul Mason in conversation

Republished from In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto published a revolutionary white paper that described a simple peer-to-peer electronic cash system that would later become Bitcoin. In the decade since the launch of the digital currency, the nascent blockchain technology behind Bitcoin has been heralded as having the… Continue reading