From Platform to Open Cooperativism

Stacco Troncoso & Ann Marie Utratel: In the last few years, you’ve probably seen some articles about the flaws and failures of the what’s been called the “sharing economy”. Critics often cite the disingenuous use of the word “sharing”, and the exclusion of users as potential stakeholders or owners of the intermediary platforms. Much of… Continue reading

[email protected] in Common: Learning about the Commons Through Play

Because the practices of commoning fly in the face of market culture, they are frequently misunderstood.  What is this process of committed collaboration toward shared goals? people may wonder.  How does it work, especially when many industries want to privatize control of the resource or prevent competition via commoning? Matthieu Rhéaume, a commoner and game… Continue reading

Patterns of Commoning: Remix The Commons as an Evolving Intercultural Space for Commoning

Alain Ambrosi and Frédéric Sultan: “How would you define commons in one sentence?” “Remix The Commons”1 saw the light of day in 2010 when we shouldered a video camera and started asking many people from different social and educational backgrounds, cultures, and with various ranges of experiences this “little” question. And we received quite spontaneous… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Doughnut Economics

Book: Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist. Kate Raworth. Random House Business Books, 2017 “Doughnut Economics proposes 7 fundamental shifts needed in today’s economic mindset if we – humanity – want to give ourselves half a chance of thriving together on this living planet in the 21st century.” Review George… Continue reading

Project Of The Day: CoopPrincipal

 Imagine a social media platform that required a donation for every post. You can like, thumb up, share, or retweet as often as you want. However, the platform deducts a minimum donation from your account and disperses it to the organization featured in your post. This is the idea behind investment clubs. Individual members tout… Continue reading

The Rules of the Game of Platform Cooperativism

Our colleague Guido Smorto who, among many other collaborations, gave a fascinating short talk at the Co-op/Commons convergence event we co-organised at the end of last year, has written this article about regulation issues in Platform Cooperativism. Originally published at the CCCBLab blog. Guido Smorto: “Platform cooperativism” has become the most successful term used in… Continue reading

A Better Co-op Democracy Without Elections?

Terry Bouricius, writing for Co-op Water Cooler questions the prevalence of elections in democratic worker ownership. Terry Bouricius: All large cooperative and membership organizations (nonprofits, worker-owned enterprises, etc.) that seek to govern themselves democratically face a perennial problem. How can an organization maintain member interest in matters of organizational governance year after year, and avoid… Continue reading