Democratising AgTech? Agriculture and the Digital Commons | Part 1

 Agriculture 3.0 describes the increasing implementation and promotion of digital technologies in agricultural production. Promising more efficient farming, higher yields and environmental sustainability, AgTech has entered the mainstream, pushed by the EU, international corporations and national governments across the world. Increasingly, serious questions are raised about the impact of such market-oriented technologies on the agricultural… Continue reading

Holo: The evolution of cloud computing

If you’re looking for good, accesible resources on Holo and Holochain, you’ve come to the right place! Up above you’ll find a video presentation by Nancy Giordano (the slides are below). Additionally, we’re republishing a post by Matthew Schutte on Holo’s impressive potential. Nancy Giordano presents Holochain from P2PF Holo: The evolution of cloud computing… Continue reading

The Lucas Plan: What can it tell us about democratising technology today?

Thirty-eight years ago, a movement for ‘socially useful production’ pioneered practical approaches for more democratic technology development.  It was in January 1976 that workers at Lucas Aerospace published an Alternative Plan for the future of their corporation. It was a novel response to management announcements that thousands of manufacturing jobs were to be cut in… Continue reading

The power of a transformative city

Sol Trumbo & Nick Buxton: When Donald Trump announced in June 2017 that the US would pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, it was noticeable that the most effective opposition came not from Congress but from cities and states. 379 mayors representing more than 68 million Americans said they would implement the Accord regardless of… Continue reading

Beyond Civil Rights: Economic Democracy

Aaron Fernando: In June 1968, a group of eight American civil rights and land reform activists travelled to Israel with a plan that was ambitious, if not outright radical. They made the journey in order to study the legal foundations and management practices behind the Jewish National Fund’s leasehold system, and to use this knowledge… Continue reading

Contemplating the More-than-Human Commons

Zack Walsh writing for The Arrow:  The Stern Review on The Economics of Climate Change claims that reducing emissions by more than 1 percent annually would generate a severe economic crisis, and yet, climate analysts tell us we need to reduce carbon emissions by 5.3 percent annually to limit global warming to 2°C.1 Moreover, there is… Continue reading

Fragmented Evolution in Post-Polanyan Times

I will be attending the European Artistic Research Network Conference in Dublin on October 18th-19th this year. What follows is my abstract for the conference. You can find more details for the event itself in the second part of this post. Michel Bauwens: Karl Polanyi, in his landmark book, ‘The Great Transformation’, famously posited the ‘double… Continue reading

Erik Olin Wright on Unconditional Basic Income: Progressive Potentials and Neoliberal Traps

A recording of US professor Erik Olin Wright, speaking in Sidney Australia recently, about unconditional basic income and its anti-capitalist potential. This is not least for the support it would give to co-operative businesses and community-based care organisations. He makes the case for eroding capitalism by forming and expanding non-capitalist spaces within it. While the… Continue reading