Twitter, you’ve been served

Dear Birdies, The tweet-powered t-shirt vending machine in the room at Twitter’s shareholder meeting didn’t work at first. A Twitter employee attending to the machine walked me through the three hashtags required to get the shirt, but the machine wasn’t recognizing my tweeting. So, after 10 minutes of small talk with the employee about our… Continue reading

A New Primer on the Commons & P2P

Most readers of this blog don’t need an introduction the commons, but there are always newcomers for whom a short overview would be useful. The Transnational Institute and the P2P Foundation have done just that with an attractive new publication “Commons Transition and P2P: A Primer.”  The beautifully designed fifty-page booklet does not dumb down the topic; it simply makes… Continue reading

Cooperative Commonwealth & the Partner State

The following excerpt is from a post originally published on To read the complete paper, download the PDF here. Overview The country of one’s dreams must be a country one can imagine being constructed, over the course of time, by human hands.” -Richard Rorty Among capitalism’s many critics, it is standard procedure to state… Continue reading

The Future is a “Pluriverse”- An Interview with David Bollier on the Potential of the Commons

The Transnational Institute for Social Ecology, an Athens-based group with a commitment to democratic and ecological cities, recently published an interview with me, conducted by Antonis Brumas and Yavor Tarinski.  Among the topics discussed: the compatibility of commons and markets; the potential of urban commons; the links between commons and ecology; and my sense of… Continue reading

Sacred Activism in a Post-Trump World

12th Global to Local Webinar Recording with Alnoor Ladha & Helena Norberg-Hodge, April 19th, 2017 Originally published on Chat transcript available for download as PDF here. A 500-year-old economic and political system is dying. ‘Trump trauma’ is affecting people around the world, but the current climate (in every sense of the word) is not the… Continue reading

The People’s Disruption: Platform Co-ops for Global Challenges

Cross-posted from Save the Date November 10-11, 2017 The New School Experiments with cooperatively owned online platforms are demonstrating that democratic business models can be a dynamic force in building a more equitable economy for people across various income, race and class strata, starting with the most vulnerable populations. The platform co-op movement disrupts… Continue reading