Project Of The Day: TransforMap

As I pursue a new career focused on the commons economy, messages from Idealist, Linkedin, OnRamp and Immigrant Spirit fill gmail account. While reading the notices I have noticed trends in the type of talent that projects are recruiting. One trend involves mapping commons ecosystems in a local region. Open Map is an open source… Continue reading

How Does The Commons Work? Our new animation elaborates on David Bollier’s next system

Originally published at The Next System David Bollier, in his paper for our “New Systems: Possibilities and Proposals” series exploring viable political-economic alternatives to the present order, suggests that a commons-based framework could provide a critical template for de-commodification, mutualization, and the organization and control of resources outside of the market. We’re excited to share… Continue reading

Team Human 2: Richard Maxwell on Greening the Media   Playing for Team Human today is Professor Richard Maxwell. Richard Maxwell is a political economist of media. His research begins at the intersection of politics and economics to analyze the global media, their social and cultural impact, and the policies that regulate their reach and operations. Richard has published on a wide array… Continue reading

Re-inventing Democracy: “Wenn liquid wird kommen”, an interview with Axel Kistner and Andreas Nitsche

Liquid Democracy Documentation Project – Interviews #37-38 – Axel Kistner and Andreas Nitsche, Interaktive Democratie e.V. from Jose Ramos on Vimeo. This interview is with two of the lead developers of the Liquid Feedback system, Axel Kistner and Andreas Nitsche. Liquid Feedback was the first software system that operationalized a liquid democracy voting system. This… Continue reading

Announcing: A European Commons Assembly Our call Civic and community initiatives are working to vitalize our urban, rural, scientific and digital commons, and promoting a future guided by democratic participation, social equity and environmental sustainability. At the heart of these acts of “commoning” are satisfying, joyful social relationships that regenerate our interpersonal and physical surroundings. We reject the idea… Continue reading

On the rise: European Commons Assembly Networking, unity and policy around the commons paradigm

On September 26, a group of nonprofits, foundations, and other civil society organizations jointly publish a “Call for a European Commons Assembly”. The collectively drafted document, which continues to garner signatures from groups and individuals around Europe, serves as a declaration of purpose for a distributed network of “commoners.” The Assembly seeks to unite citizens… Continue reading

Barcelona en Comú’s Guide to Urban Revolution Stresses Shared Priorities over Party Politics

Mortgage activist and Barcelona en Comú spokeswoman Ada Colau won the city’s 2015 mayoral election. (Barcelona en Comú / Flickr) Anna Bergren Miller: When mortgage activist Ada Colau prevailed in Barcelona’s May 2015 mayoral elections, she made headlines worldwide as a double first. The first woman to achieve the city’s highest office, Colau had, moreover,… Continue reading