Can the Commons offer a renewed vision for Europe?

This panel discussion was recorded during the recent TransEuropa Festival, held in Madrid. Moderated by European Alternatives‘ Marta Cillero, the panel features Iva Cucik (Belgrade don’t drown), along with my colleague Sophie Bloemen from Commons Network and myself representing the P2P Foundation and the European Commons Assembly. The discussion deals with the political challenges present in… Continue reading

‘Cosmo-Localization’: can thinking globally and producing locally really save our planet?

Fablabs, makerspaces, emerging global knowledge commons… These are but some of the outcomes of a growing movement that champions globally-sourced designs for local economic activity. Its core idea is simple: local ownership of the means to produce basic manufactures and services can change our economic paradigm, making our cities self-sufficient and help the planet. Sharon… Continue reading

George Monbiot on the Commons

George Monbiot, a columnist for the British newspaper and website The Guardian, may be the most prominent champion of the commons that I’ve discovered in mainstream journalism today.  He has long been a compelling, out-of-the-box thinker on all sorts of economic and environmental issues.  Now he is introducing the commons to his large readership and… Continue reading

The Big Bad Fix – The Case Against Geoengineering

ETC Group, Biofuelwatch and Heinrich Böll Foundation have released “The Big Bad Fix: The Case Against Geoengineering”. The report warns that political and economic elites in key emitting countries are turning to geoengineering as a would-be technological fix for the climate crisis, at the same time they refuse to break with an economic model based on fossil fuels and high emissions…. Continue reading

Team Human: Neal Gorenflo on Sharing Cities

Playing for Team Human today is Neal Gorenflo from Neal joins Douglas to spread the word about Shareable’s latest resource, Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons. Sharing Cities is an inspiring collection of 137 case studies and policies across a wide spectrum of issues that show how empowered communities are building citizen-run, democratic solutions… Continue reading

Participation, codesign, diversity: Trebor Scholz on Platform Cooperativism

Originally published at here are the notes from Trebor Scholz’s recent intervention at the Tenerife Colaborativa conference. If you read Spanish, you can download the introduction to platform cooperativism here. Trebor Scholz: It’s exhilarating to be here on the Canary Islands seeing this large group of people committing itself to building a more equitable… Continue reading

Time to bin Bitcoin?

When an idea grows far beyond its original conception it can become the very enemy of the original idea. Just as Marx would have been horrified at Stalinism, Adam Smith disgusted by today’s capitalism, so proponents of Bitcoin’s ideals should now be distancing themselves from what Bitcoin is becoming. The economic arguments are pretty compelling…. Continue reading