Join the P2PF Blog Team

The P2P Foundation blog focuses on critical thinking informed by current contexts and commons-oriented solutions, managed and enacted by those communities most affected by the problems they face.

We think of the blog as a journal describing an alternate, vibrant reality and a more hopeful future. With daily updates and a growing community of contributors since its inauguration more than ten years ago, the blog is a unique news repository for all current developments on Peer to Peer and the Commons.  One of our guiding principles is to endow the P2P/Commons movement with a sense of mutual recognition and emergent identity.

Contributors can be roughly divided into the following categories:

    • Original material producers covering developments in P2P and the commons, politics, activism, the environment, economic change, local and crypto-currencies, alternative provisioning systems, desktop manufacturing, etc.
    • Blog curators are voracious readers with a discerning eye for convergent P2P patterns. P2P Foundation blog curators present and frame existing texts into an overall content. Curated posts feature relevant extracts from one or various sources with correct attribution and a personalised introduction and context. Additionally, we often cross-post material from our wiki-commons into the blog.
    • Content formatters take care of design, formatting and image selection, and assist other contributors (authors and curators) with these tasks when needed.

Please note,  for our English-language blog we can only publish contributions written or translated into English and previously edited and proofread for quality and clarity.

The same quality criteria applies to our additional language versions (Dutch, Greek, and French, coming soon).

The guidelines are simple.  You should be familiar with WordPress formatting, and follow a set of recommendations for posting. Regarding scheduling, with the exception of groundbreaking news, events or those rare times of blog-post bonanza, we schedule no more than 3 posts per day total. If you’re interested in joining the team, please contact us, tell us about yourself and share some examples of your work (eg. your original writing, your own blog’s content curation or formatting, as applies).

For more details on blog authorship, curation and formatting, please read this wiki article.

If you would like to contribute, we’ll be glad to have you on board.