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Basic Income & Women’s Liberation

The UK-based activist network Radical Assembly interviewed Barb Jacobson, coordinator of Basic Income UK and member of the board of Unconditional Basic Income Europe, about basic income and women’s liberation. Jacobson discusses the history of the “wages for housework” movement, connecting it to the contemporary movement for unconditional basic income. Republished from basicincome.org  

Erik Olin Wright on Unconditional Basic Income: Progressive Potentials and Neoliberal Traps

A recording of US professor Erik Olin Wright, speaking in Sidney Australia recently, about unconditional basic income and its anti-capitalist potential. This is not least for the support it would give to co-operative businesses and community-based care organisations. He makes the case for eroding capitalism by forming and expanding non-capitalist spaces within it. While the… Continue reading

Podcast: Worker Cooperatives – Widening Spheres of Democracy

The latest episode of the Upstream podcast takes a deep dive into the Worker Cooperatives movement: a broad selection of organizations, activists, and cooperatively structured workplaces that advocate for—and embody—workplace and economic democracy. The 21st century has seen an explosion in interest around Worker Cooperatives—particularly since capitalism’s 2008 crisis. In Part 1 of this 2-part… Continue reading

Sharon Ede on “Cosmo-localisation” in the New Economy

Karun Cowper speaks with urbanist, activist and “Audacities” initiator Sharon Ede on “cosmo-localisation” in the New Economy in Australia and beyond. About Sharon Ede Sharon is an urbanist and activist who works to build the sharing/collaborative movement in Australia and beyond. In 2017, she established AUDAcities, a catalyst for relocalising production of food, energy and fabrication in cities,… Continue reading

Michel Bauwens on Commoning our Democracy

A few weeks back we announced Michel Bauwens’ intervention at Democracy Day in Belfast. Now, courtesy of our friend and colleague Kevin Flanagan, we present the audio for Michel’s talk. Presentation resources This is a recording of the presentation ‘Commoning our Democracy’ by Michel Bauwens of the p2pfoundation.net/ at the Imagine Festival in Belfast 14/03/2018. imaginebelfast.com/events/commoning-our-democracy/ Slides… Continue reading

Aaron Perzanowski and Jason Schultz on the End of Ownership in the Internet of Things Era

Republished from Motherboard’s Soundcloud: The internet of things, End User License Agreements, and Digital Rights Management are increasingly being used to give electronics manufacturers control and ownership over your stuff even after you buy it. Radio Motherboard talks to Aaron Perzanowski and Jason Schultz, authors of The End of Ownership about what we stand to lose… Continue reading

Team Human: Neal Gorenflo on Sharing Cities

Playing for Team Human today is Neal Gorenflo from Shareable.net. Neal joins Douglas to spread the word about Shareable’s latest resource, Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons. Sharing Cities is an inspiring collection of 137 case studies and policies across a wide spectrum of issues that show how empowered communities are building citizen-run, democratic solutions… Continue reading

Commons, Enclosure, and the Politics of Gentleness

Michel Bauwens: Few people have studied the protocols and processes of enclosures as Anthony McCann has, and this very interesting podcast represents an overview of years of study and insight into the matter. Recommended! As Anthony says: This work from 2007 was probably my last lecture on enclosure before turning back to the commons, in… Continue reading