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(Re)Inventing The Future with Nick Srnicek

We continue the conversation on Universal Basic Income, this time with Demand the Future co-author Nick Srnicek. For more P2P-perspectives on Srnicek’s work, accelerationism and Demand the Future, please follow this link. Originally published in the From Alpha to Omega podcast. Episode Description After an unplanned hiatus, the show is back with a bang. This week I… Continue reading

The P2P Foundation’s work in a nutshell

Enjoy this very concise three-minute audio description of the P2P Foundation’s work and ideals by our founder, Michel Bauwens. It was originally recorded for the Innovation and Creative Intelligence unit at the University of Technology Sydney. Beautiful Minds with Michel Bauwens Clip description Morsels are small bites gleaned from talks, events and conversations hosted by… Continue reading

Rocking the Google Bus

Companies like Twitter can make billions of dollars in revenue while providing a widely used service and still be considered a financial failure. Though today’s digital technologies provide new innovations that reorganize daily life, can the digital economy expand forever? Will our most promising tech ever reach its potential in an economy pushing for growth… Continue reading

Climate Agreements

After years of mediocre negotiations on an international agreement to limit future climate change, it is easy to be cynical about the viability of a global strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. What do these large conferences really mean for the future of the planet? Our correspondent reports back from the December 2015 COP21 meeting… Continue reading

The Deliveroo drivers Strike

What does the Deliveroo drivers’ strike mean for the future of the sharing economy – and the future of work? A Podcast conversation on last August’s Deliveroo strike, from the New Economics Foundation’s always excellent Weekly Economics Podcast. Last week, Deliveroo drivers in London went on strike for six days in opposition to new contracts… Continue reading

Seeing Wetiko

Wetiko is an Algonquin word for a cannibalistic spirit or thought-form driven by greed, excess and selfish consumption. It deludes its host into believing that consuming the life force of others for self-aggrandizement or profit is a logical and morally upright way to live. In this interview presented by the Upstream podcast, Martin Kirk – founder… Continue reading