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Can the Commons offer a renewed vision for Europe?

This panel discussion was recorded during the recent TransEuropa Festival, held in Madrid. Moderated by European Alternatives‘ Marta Cillero, the panel features Iva Cucik (Belgrade don’t drown), along with my colleague Sophie Bloemen from Commons Network and myself representing the P2P Foundation and the European Commons Assembly. The discussion deals with the political challenges present in… Continue reading

The civic crowdfunding city conference

Growfunding is celebrating its 5th anniversary! Time for a party – and a debate! Together with seven foreign civic crowdfunding-platforms, academics, city makers and you, we will be holding a debate on “the civic crowdfunding city”, or in other words: about the city we will be creating together via growfunding. Get your ticket for the conference! Time… Continue reading

Barrio Solar: Solar Power for Puerto Rico

Hazel Henderson alerted us to this worthy campaign coming out of Puerto Rico. Reposted from the Barrio Solar Crowdfund page. On the subject of Puerto Rico’s energy grid, also don’t miss this reaction to Elon Musk’s white-saviour bro-capitalist solutions. BARRIO SOLAR was created on September 21st, the day after Hurricane Maria devastated the island nation of… Continue reading

What is the difference between Blockchain and Holochain?

A holochain application is run entirely by the people who use it. This enables direct communication, without the need for corporate web servers. For any particular use case, developers can create fit-for-purpose solutions that strike the right balance between minimizing risks, reducing costs, and optimizing speed. Relative to other distributed application infrastructures such as Blockchain… Continue reading

Team Human: Richard Heinberg “There’s No App For That”

Playing for Team Human today is Post Carbon Institute fellow Richard Heinberg. Richard is the co-author of Our Renewable Future and most recently, the manifesto, There’s No App For That. On today’s show Richard and Douglas challenge the idea that technological “progress” is a panacea for solving systems-level crises like climate change. Richard’s work calls on us to look at the… Continue reading

Public Money, Public Code

Why is software created using taxpayers’ money not released as Free Software? We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and Open Source Software licence. If it is public money, it should be public code as well. Code paid by the people should be available… Continue reading

Share to Transform Cities for the Common Good

Why Shareable? Economic inequality. Political instability. Environmental crisis. These are challenging, divisive times. But there’s a strong movement of people who are strengthening their communities by creating tangible, replicable solutions based on sharing and collaboration. All around the world, there are countless stories of people working together for the common good — stories of people… Continue reading