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When does the Commons transition begin?

Why is the Commons steadily gathering attention as a concept and practice? Commons include not only the gifts of nature,like water and land, but also shared assets or creative work, such as cultural and knowledge artifacts. Commons are a shared resource, co-governed by its user community, according to the norms of that community. Considering the… Continue reading

Reclaiming Public Services: How cities and citizens are turning back privatisation

Reclaiming Public Services  is vital reading for anyone interested in the future of local, democratic services like energy, water and health care. This is an in-depth world tour of new initiatives in public ownership and the variety of approaches to deprivatisation.  Reposted from our friends at the Transnational Institute, a new report authored by Satoko Kishimoto,… Continue reading

Sacred Activism in a Post-Trump World

12th Global to Local Webinar Recording with Alnoor Ladha & Helena Norberg-Hodge, April 19th, 2017 Originally published on localfutures.org. Chat transcript available for download as PDF here. A 500-year-old economic and political system is dying. ‘Trump trauma’ is affecting people around the world, but the current climate (in every sense of the word) is not the… Continue reading

Commons Transition and P2P: a Primer

The Commons is a concept and practice that has been steadily gathering increased attention and advocates. Deeply rooted in human history, it’s difficult to settle on a single definition that covers its broad potential for social, economic, cultural and political change. The Commons is now demonstrating its power as a “key ingredient” for change in… Continue reading