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Michel Bauwens: I very strongly believe this is one of the key solutions for climate change mitigation, and more generally, about creating ‘circular finance’ mechanisms, i.e. rewarding generative, rather than extractive activity. Capitalism rewards extractive activities, but has a great structural difficulty in financing generative impacts. One of the potential solutions are ‘circular finance’ mechanisms, in which positive and generative ‘externalities’ can be recognized, valued and financed by those benefitting from it. For example, the French Community Land Trust movement ‘Terre des Liens’ has calculated that the greater the number of organic farmers in a territory, the less the government water agencies have to spend on filtering water, but there is no mechanism to actually recognize these benefits in a straightforward way. Enter Regen, which wants to recognize positive impacts on the soil as carbon absorber, confirm the verification on a ledger, tokenize this value and finance the tokens. It’s a market solution, but unlike carbon trading, it creates an open permissionless system so that all players can participate in proving their impact.

Regen Network:
Catalyzing regeneration

There may be nothing of more critical importance today than the regeneration of the world’s ecosystems. Regen Network is a global community and platform focused on ecological monitoring and regeneration. By improving our understanding of the state of our land, oceans and watersheds, and enabling rewards for verified positive changes, Regen Network catalyses the regeneration of our ecosystems.

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  1. Avatarmike riddell

    “Measure what you treasure” which in the world of CounterCoin is contribution to community.

    Store the value of that contribution in a token.

    Celebrate that as a success. Watch the numbers grow. Watch the magic money tree develop.

    Then the marketplace will develop to redeem the coin a) because it’s a good cause and everyone wants to back it b) because it’s a people-power injection of liquidity and c) because it’s a credit and not a debit.

  2. AvatarChristian Shearer, CEO - Regen Network

    Thank you, Michel, for sharing this.

    As our work with Regen Network develops, we continue to see more and more applications and use cases for this important work. We are starting with the natural product industry, working with existing supply systems, but will be rapidly scaling the platform to serve banking (risk mitigation and compliance), insurance (mitigating climate change claims) and government applications in their efforts to meet their climate accord commitments.
    It’s of the utmost importance to us that this work is done in an open, transparent, and collaborative way, WHILE ALSO respecting the data rights and privacy of farmers and landholders.
    We are developing our technology with creative commons licensing and invite collaboration and the type of competition that leads to a race to the top!
    We’re excited to be partnering with Cosmos and the Interchain Foundation, using the Cosmos SDK for the building blocks of an ecologically-focused domain-specific blockchain, and to be working with the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research to produce open and accessible farmer decision-making tools.
    The winner in this game are those who can out-cooperate the competition, so come join us!

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