How to be “Team Human” in the digital future


My new book Team Human, launches today.  I’ve never written to everyone in my address book before, but this is by far the most important publication of my career: a manifesto arguing for human dignity and prosperity in a digital age.

Autonomous technologies, runaway markets and weaponized media seem to have overturned civil society, paralyzing our ability to think constructively, connect meaningfully, or act purposefully. Yet the root causes for our collective disempowerment are based on some very old, false ideas about competition, individuality, scarcity, and progress. We needn’t embed these values in the digital landscape of tomorrow. They are obsolete. We must stop optimizing human beings for technology, and start optimizing technology for us.

It’s time we reassert the human agenda. And we must do so together – not as individual players  – but as the team we actually are. Team Human.

I would be grateful if you purchase this book, which also supports the Team Human podcast.

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