SwellRT Software Contest

If you like to code, free/libre/open source software, and support a decentralized Internet, the SwellRT project invites you to participate in its

Free Software Contest

3,000€, 2,000€ and 1,000€ prizes will be awarded to the best three projects which use or improve SwellRT technology.

Find more info at:

SwellRT is a real-time decentralized storage platform enabling real-time collaboration for Web applications. Multiple users can share and edit JavaScript objects in real-time with transparent conflict resolution (eventual consistency). Changes are distributed in real-time to any user or app accessing the shared object. SwellRT provides also out-of-the-box collaborative rich-text editing for Web applications through an extensible text editor Web component and API. SwellRT can be deployed as a decentralized network, so shared objects can be stored  and synced in different federated servers in real time.

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