P2P Foundation Online Influence Markers

It’s always nice to hear that one’s work has some kind of real impact, even if it’s only online impact, since this presumably influences real people with real life actions.

Topsy claims to have highly accurate influence algorythms.

You may want to have a look at http://topsy.com/s?q=P2P+Foundation,

Which concluded that we reached nearly 4,000 retweets (October 19), not sure since when, but 58 per month on average and 18 per week … by about 800 different individuals, the highest reaching 38 retweets.

As an author, I’m categorized as ‘highly influential‘ on twitter …

According to http://labs.topsy.com/influence, this means:

“Topsy Influence measures the likelihood that, each time you say something, people will pay attention. Influence for Twitter users is computed using all historical retweets: millons of real, public statements indicating who’s listening to whom. On our website, roughly the top 0.2% most influential of all Twitter users are tagged “Highly Influential”, and “Influential” tags appear for the top 0.5% most influential Twitter users. So if Topsy says you are influential, you are part of a pretty small group!”

The caveat is that it only calculates Twitter audience, not other social networks which may be just as important and even more mainstream.

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