Launching the First Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam in NYC!

“The power of open source hardware lies in the ability to build upon others’ work and good documentation is the key to making this happen.”

Help bring Open Source Hardware to the next stage in New York City at ITP-NYU – April 26-28, 2013 !!

Via Simone Cicero:

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“The growth of the open source hardware movement can be accelerated by a global knowledge sharing platform made of generic tools, specialized software, documentation templates and other blueprints and best practices

We foresee the birth of a global repository of hardware designs based on a shared information architecture and a shared approach to design. We advocate for a more interconnected global community built upon awareness, understanding of, and access to open design.

Being conscious of the wide scope of the challenges, we have organized a first 3-day event, that will be held in New York and will be based on a sort of mashup of well known co-design formats for group cooperation such as Service Design Jams and Hackathons.

It will be a great opportunity to learn, build relationships and start new projects. We’re looking for several different profiles, as the challenge behind the mission of the event – improving the way OSHW is designed and documented to enhance reuse, replication, remix – is huge and implies a large set of skills.

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The hosts team includes TED fellows Marcin Jakuboski (Open Source Ecology) and Catarina Mota (Open Materials, Open Hardware Summit Association) plus many more.”