Indra Adnan is Co-Initiator of The Alternative UK – part of a global network of political platforms originating with Alternativet in Denmark.

Her commitment is to grassroots politics that release the power of people and communities in ways that sustain the planet.

She is concurrently a journalist (The Guardian, Huffington Post), a psychotherapist (Human Givens Institute), founder of the Soft Power Network (consulting to Finnish, Brazilian, Danish and British governments), Buddhist, Futurist, School Governor and Mother.

Recent publications include Is The Party Over? and New Times, and e-book Soft Power Agenda.

Indra launched The Alternative UK together with author and musician Pat Kane in March 2017 with the support of Uffe Elbaek, leader of Alternativet, the fastest growing party in Denmark with 10 seats in Parliament after only five years.

A/UK produces a Daily Alternative of global socio-political initiatives, together with a weekly editorial which joins the dots of personal, social and global innovation – I, We and World. Together with artists, musicians and technologists of all kinds, they also design and host political laboratories which ‘enliven’ community meaning and belonging and reconnect people with their power and purpose at a local, municipal and regional level.

These laboratory processes give rise to citizens networks that develop culture and practice for the community, eventually giving rise to policy which will shape a living manifesto at the national level.


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