In Australia: Dignified work in green manufacturing through worked-owned enterprises

Watch this video introduction by the Earthworker Cooperative, made at the occasion of the opening of the first factory, and see the explanation of their crowdfunding campaign below:

Liz McCarthy explains:

To find out more and support the project:

This holiday season, reduce financial stress for low-income earners, support green jobs in worker-owned Australian manufacturing and promote positive solutions to the climate crisis.

During December and January, Earthworker Cooperative is running a crowdfund campaign to deliver high-quality solar hot water systems to low-income households. Your contribution will ease the cost of living for those receiving them by reducing hot water heating costs by up to 72%. Additionally, it will support Australia’s first worker-owned manufacturing cooperative, Eureka’s Future Workers Cooperative, located in Dandenong, Victoria, which manufactures top quality ‘Solar Ready’ hot water tanks.

Climate change and the increasing cost of living affect us all, but the most vulnerable people and communities are often those with the least resources to adapt. Together, we can create energy security for people in our communities that need it the most, as well as job security in local green manufacturing.

Let’s ensure no-one is left behind in the transition to a greener economy!”

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