This work by Alice Meniconi is an expression of the Near Future Education Lab experience in Florence, when a group of students under the leadership of Salvatore Iaoconesi and Oriana Persico, re-designed their education as a commons, faced with the crisis and closure of their institution (ISEA Firenze). It has forewords by Jon Husband of Wirarchy fame, Layne Hartsell and Michel Bauwens.


“This work is composed by two different phases: the first (chapter 1, 2), the research phase, will identify the context, gain important elements from the already existing research and show the project hypothesis describing in a theoretical-conceptual way the creation of the project as we know it today. We’ll describe the entailed social and technological implications, inspired by evolutions of digital cultures, new horizons opened by new systems for knowledge sharing, alternative currencies and possibilities to build big relational networks. The second phase (chapter 3), based on the outcome of the first one, creates a communication design project to let this contents accessible and comprehensible to anyone, and Near Future Design.”

Knowpen Foundation Thesis

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  1. AvatarRick Smyre

    Hi Michel….

    There seems to be quite an overlap of areas of interest in your work and my work as President of the Communities of the Future over the last thirty years ( Would like to connect and talk if interested. You may have interest in a couple of interviews I was asked to do over the last two years.… Also, our book, “Preparing for a World That Doesn’t Exist – Yet,” is in its fifth printing. 704 747-4753

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