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  1. AvatarSeb

    Sweet. You should autotweet this blog’s headlines. TwitterFeed (and probably other services as well) do this for free.

  2. AvatarSeb

    Yes, but @mbauwens’ stream is filled with attention-depleting noise. Select examples:

    – Added to the wiki: User:Michtit: New user account http://bit.ly/99xzJw
    – Added to the wiki: Berlin Commons Conference/Workshops/CommoningEnclosure: Created page with ‘This workshop expl… http://bit.ly/clbDBd
    – Added to the wiki: Scale-free networks: Replaced content with ‘ See: Scale-Free Networks’ http://bit.ly/9XLPrf

    Granted, this kind of stuff might be useful to a hardcore P2P wiki gardener, but it would be best to put it in a separate twitter feed, in my opinion.

  3. AvatarMichel Bauwens

    hi seb, well aware of that problem, but can no longer remember what feed I used to change it … nevertheless, that feed is still very popular and growing by the day and responsible for making the p2p foundation blog a top 2% retweeted blog globally, according to Topsy. I’m looking for someone with technical skills to improve the feed …

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