Felix Weth on Fairmondo and Open Multi-Stakeholder Coops

The P2P Foundation is serializing video highlights from last year’s Platform Cooperativism conference. Click here to see all conference videos.

(16 mins) Felix Weth — Fairmondo is an online marketplace owned by its users. It is open to professional as well as private sellers, with no general restrictions on what products and services can be offered, except for illegal offers or offers deemed unacceptable by our members. By contrast, through the positive promotion of products that fulfill a set of criteria for “fairness,” Fairmondo makes it easy for users to shop in line with their values. These criteria are constantly open for discussion and improvement by members and the broader user base. Founded in Germany in 2012, Fairmondo is a multi-stakeholder cooperative with open membership for every person who feels affected by its activities. Its statutes include a legally binding commitment to uncompromising transparency and democratic accountability. The managing board is elected by the employees, to ensure a culture of mutual respect within the operating team.

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