Events – Fostering a culture of Cooperation for the Commons in Ireland

Galway Coop Commons event
Fri 18th Sept

Coop Culture part of the Galway Culture Night

‘Co-op Culture’ is a participatory art and cultural event to experience, explore and celebrate themes on the Commons and our Cooperative Cultural Heritage. Everyone is welcome to share his/her visions, ideas and cooperative and commons-related practices, as the starting point of a mobilization to reclaim, protect and re-create the commons and cooperative culture.

6-9pm Friday 18th September
Woodquay (near Foley’s Hop House), Galway – all welcome!

Also as part of the international ‘Park(ing)’ week  – Designing with Communities Woodquay will host a gathering on participatory urban design.

Sat Sept 26th

Mike Kahn from Carrig Dulra, member of the Wicklow Sustainabiilty Network will host an introduction to the commons and discussion on collaborative communities at Common Ground, a very interesting organization in Bray

Carrig Dulra


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