Join us at 42 Acres Shoreditch for our on-going Social Change series, where economist, international journalist, and host of the Upstream Podcast Della Z Duncan will take us on a journey upstream as we explore how we can reclaim the field of economics and radically transform our current economic system.

The world is undergoing a radical social, ecological, and economic crisis. This radical crisis demands radical solutions.

What are the dominant worldviews and stories that underpin the field of economics? Where are the most effective places to intervene in order to address the suffering and harm caused by global economies that put profit before the well-being of people and the planet? How can we build economies that reflect, as writer Charles Eisenstein says, “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible?” In this evening talk, we will journey together upstream from the political, economic, and social crises of our time to understand the root causes and their possible systemic interventions.

Della Z Duncan is interested in returning the field of economics to the realm of moral philosophy. She co-produces the Upstream Podcast, which tells stories about the economic challenges of our time through diverse voices and a rich soundscape. Della also facilitates and convenes courses on Economics for Transition, Buddhist Economics, and Gross National Happiness at Schumacher College in Devon, England. Outside of the classroom, she serves as a 21st-century economics mentor and consultant for individuals, local governments, and organizations working to untangle themselves from the stranglehold of capitalism and work to co-create more beautiful, sustainable, and just alternatives.

£5 Suggested Donation (get your tickets here)

All are welcome!

More about the Social Change series at 42 acres:

At 42 Acres we believe we can change the world, from the inside out and through our work to change the system. We are constantly being shaped by our environment and influencing reality with our thoughts. We are in the midst of a crisis in consciousness, whereby the economic crisis is a moral and ethical crisis more than a physical crisis — we have more than enough resources to feed everyone, and not just that, but to distribute evenly  – and through this we could create more social cohesion and stability.   Our new range of programs, Social Change from the Inside Out, explores that conjunction between science and spirituality, between contemplation and innovation. From grassroots activist to leading thinkers we want to spark conversation and be a space to prototype the beautiful alternatives. Why don’t you join us?

Made possible with support by the Bertha Foundation.

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