Economist Ha Joon Chang in conversation with Layne Hartsell and Michel Bauwens

Layne invited me to participate in an online interview with Korean heterodox economist Ha Joon Chang, using Skype in my own home office in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The topics are the current economic crisis, East Asia and ASEAN, global governance, climate change and the future.

Ha Joon Chang is a Reader in Economics at Cambridge University. He is the author of ’23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism’ and ‘Bad Samaritans.’ He specializes in the role of the state in economics, industrial policy and technlogy policy.

Layne Hartsell teaches at Sungkyunkwan University and lectures at Mahidol University. His research is in the philosophy of ethics and technology – nanotechnology and global justice. He is a coordinator for Seoul Global Study Group.

Here is the two-parter video:

Video Part One:

Video Part Two:

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