Commons – Practices, boundaries and thresholds | lo Squaderno no. 30

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“Only through practices of commoning in space and time that update the commons and strengthen their (counter-)power, especially through anti-capitalist struggles, will different experiences be able to coalesce into a coherent political project, moving those experiences beyond their specific, and sometimes narrow, confines.”

The December special edition of Lo Squaderno on Commons – Practices, boundaries and thresholds features essays by Jampel Dell’Angelo, Ludger Gailing, Roberto Dini, Dan Moscovici, Helene Finidori, Leila Dawney, Marta Traquino, Paul Blokker, Rose, Niccolò Cuppini and Eleonora Guadagno.

The Article below Show Me the Action, and I Will Show You the Commons! is by Helene Finidori.

“In this article I challenge the definition of commons based on the nature of goods, addressing the topic from the perspective of experience: how commons are created or emerge from a process that intimately associates people and the participatory and mindful ways in which they produce, manage or care for their shared resources or assets. I also outline how the essential principles of a commons logic which is not only found in what activists typically calls ‘the comons’, could help amplify the action of other sustainability and social change initiatives in a way that can be geared towards growing the commons as a whole.

This comes ahead of a workshop that Wolfgang Hoeschele (book the Economy of Abundance) and I will be facilitating at the Conference of the Ostrom workshop in June with Joe Corneli and Bonnitta Roy. We plan to develop an approach to a systemic change process based on commons logic as transformative logic and a pattern language for designing appropriate structures and practices”

lo Squaderno no. 30 | Commons – Practices, boundaries and thresholds by P2P Foundation

2 Comments Commons – Practices, boundaries and thresholds | lo Squaderno no. 30

  1. AvatarBob Haugen

    Helene, awesome! I love this part:
    “The discussions during the Communications, Culture, Commons workshop made clear there was a universal aspect to the commons and to what drives social and sustainability movements across the globe, that could however not be given a clear de?nition. Rather than being ‘de?ned’, the commons could be expressed as a logic and aspiration, woven through di?erent action logics, understandings and symbolic representations that could enable ‘travel’ within the commons, and could reach beyond the boundaries of what is traditionally encompassed under commons language.”

    And I believe it! Please write (explore) more about it.

  2. AvatarHelene

    Glad you liked it Bob! Actually I am writing and exploring more. Have a look at the latest articles and presentations on my blog. And also at our work on Look at the activity on the Comunicating the commons group. We can talk further if you would like. Cheers. Helene.

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