CO-Mantua : International Collaborative Governance Model for the Commons

The local Chamber of Commerce, the City of Mantua, the Province, local ONGs, SMEs and knowledge institutions, such as the Mantua University Foundation and some local schools are glad to support the two days event that will take place in Mantua.

The main objective of the  Festival will concerns the conception of a prototype of an institutionalizing process to run the city as a collaborative commons and therefore as a “co-city”. A co-city should be based on  international collaborative governance of the commons whereby urban, environmental, cultural, knowledge and digital commons are co-managed by the five actors of the collaborative governance – social innovators, public authorities, businesses, civil society organizations, knowledge institutions through an institutionalized public-private-people/community partnership. This partnership will give birth to a local p2p physical, digital and institutional platform with three main aims: living together , growing together, making together. The cooperative model endorsed by “Tavolo della Cooperazione e dell’Economia Civile” is based on the innovative features of open dialogue, cooperative system design and mutual sharing. Thanks to the effort of Labsus – Laboratory for subsidiarity the city of Mantua was able to produce a concrete institutional experiment based on the principle of co-working. The call for ideas “Culture as a Commons (La Cultura come bene Comune), launched by the initiative of the city of Mantua, Fondazione Cariplo and Chamber of Commerce of Mantua, gathered a series of brilliant ideas and prospects for the cultivation of a long lasting project: install a permanent structure for a model of collaborative governance. The underlying conviction is that such renewed institutional framework could activate and liberate the positive energies of the urban circuit, including the talents and resources of citizens, associations, administrations and social innovators. The new model for collaborative governance is the technological content that the current society needs for promoting growth and sustainability, both in economic terms and as social determinants.

Among the participants during the two-days event, there will be Sheila Foster, Michel Bauwens and Neal Gorenflo, which represent all together the legitimized source for the ignition of an international debate.

Professor Christian Iaione will moderate the debate during the second day.

Further info at:  Brochure festival