Need for an holistic and emancipatory scientific methodology

Italian Operaismo and the Information Machine, is a must read by Matteo Pasquinelli. However the ‘accelerationism’ is the name of rapidly changing Zeitgeist(s) -the spirit of ‘space-time’, compressed increasingly into smaller units. The direction of meta-data and big-data research already moved further within the timespawn of Pasquinelli’s paper publication in early 2014. The theorization of the emerging ‘meta-data’ society, already has to make quantum leap further in order to make sense of the fundamentals of the ambiguous global (and absolute) control society/civilization vision set forth by the infamous, joke like Islamic State screenplay. For this one has to go further and simulataneoulsy problematize the most recent developments in quantum computing,quantum-like cognition and quantum-mind research, overlapping research and applications between genomecyberneticsInternet of Everything, and [unifield fields] Theory of Everything in physics.

In conflict with the emancipatory perspectives on P2P production and Commons Transition, the positivist cogntive-cybernetic-compex stsyems theory based research, knowledge and living labour appropriation and modelling applications based on such research have been serving the ruling class interest. The more ‘control’, ‘discipline’, and ‘exploitation’ is modelled and applied, as the capitalist and the ruling elite wish to further commodify the cosmos of the commons, iincludeentire living labour-body-mind embedded in it. The conflict prone class pprojects and processes brought about more stress on the systems exploited, which in turn increase the entropy steering the human civilisation and life on Earth towards extinction. It is, therefore, kind of an urgent task ‘to find’ the advanced and holistic emancipatory methodology that would be helpful to figure out how to turn the tide. To build an emancipatory research and knowledge production, as well as mechanisms to disseminate the emancipatory knowledge produced, it is clear by now that the p2p and commons are the key concepts, as components of counter-class projects and processes. In order to improve our understanding of the world and politics of the p2p, networked and digital labour, value, commons, transition so on, in todays’ global class war context, and steer the world towards emancipatory direction we need to be able to outline such methodology in details in an open and collaborative manner.