Arab Spring inspires Israeli social justice movement

First, for a quick visual summary, see this video report by RT:

Here are some comments from ROAR magazine, by Jerome Roos:

“Unlike in Spain and Greece, the mainstream media in Israel appear to hail the movement as a force for good. This morning, Gideon Levy wrote for Haaretz that “As of yesterday, [Netanyahu] is a lame duck. Last night, Israel’s 17th prime minister was handed his walking papers. When tens of thousands of Israelis across the country scream, “Bibi go home,” Bibi will indeed go home. Bye bye, Bibi, good-bye for good.”

Polls say that a spectacular 87 percent of Israelis support the protests — repeating a trend from Spain and Greece, where similar non-violent protests against social injustice and economic malaise have drawn widespread social support. According to 972, an online magazine whose coverage of the protests has been exceptional, this unprecedented outburst of popular outrage reached its crescendo during last night’s mass rally:

– In Tel Aviv, the roar of frenzied euphoria mixed with anger preceded the crowd as the parade rounded a major intersection on its way to the Tel Aviv museum. Screams of “revolution” were echoed all over the country. Estimates speak of 10,000 in Jerusalem, similar numbers in Haifa and Beer Sheva, along with demonstrations in Kiryat Shmona, Nazareth, Ashdod several other locations.

The sudden swelling of the movement comes after an earlier threshold was reached last weekend, with 40,000 people participating in a major march in Tel Aviv, chanting “Mubarak! Assad! Netanyahu!” and demanding the ouster of the premier.

we cannot discount the genuine struggle of our Israeli brothers and sisters. So many good people in Israel are sick and tired of being represented by the far-right, conservative Zionism of a narrow political, economic and military estalishment. They genuinely want to overthrow the oligarchic, racist elite that enriches itself at the expense of Palestinians and Israelis alike. Despite the movement’s evident shortcomings, global activists must support its struggle.

As Levy put it, “There can be no better public relations campaign for this despised, shunned country than the demonstration last night of this new Israel.” In a sign that the movement transcends the ethnocentrism of the “Jewish state”, protesters openly expressed their admiration for the revolutionaries of the Arab world. “There has never before been such a demonstration in Israel,” wrote Levy, “everyone together, young and old, right and left, Arabs and Jews.”

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