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Essay of the Day: Ethnographies of Co-Creation as Models of Creativity

* Article: Ethnographies of Co-Creation and Collaboration as Models of Creativity. Penny Travlou. From the Abstract: “The theme of my inquiry is how creative networked communities emerge in transnational and transcultural contexts, within a globalized and distributed communications environment. How do communities form and change through the collaborative activities of their members? How do members… Continue reading

Transitioning From Ego-system to Eco-system Economies (2)

The following is the second part excerpted from a summary of the book by Otto Scharmer: Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-system to Eco-system Economies, which features Ten Transition Theses. Otto Scharmer writes: * 6 (6) The shift from ego-system to eco-system awareness requires a journey that involves walking in the shoes of other… Continue reading

Book of the Day: “Practicing Law in the Sharing Economy” by Janelle Orsi

Starting with the post below, I am pleased to accept the P2P Foundation’s invitation to contribute frequently to the P2P blog from material that appears on In the quest to imagine and build a new “sharing economy,” one factor that is often overlooked is law.  What shall be the role of formal law in… Continue reading

Movement of the Day: The Fundacion Case del Bosque in Bogota, Colombia

The group carries out research about the social digital divide, public technological debt, technopolitics, activism and technology in digital literacy in Colombia Juan Arellano describes their activities: “Bogotá, like other Latin American cities, has spaces for technological activists and those who want to learn about technology to meet and generate new synergies and activities where… Continue reading

Wirearchy 1: The Intersection of People, Information and New Forms of Technology Changes Everything (Eventually)

Jon Husband, the creator of Wirearchy, has very kindly agreed to the serialization of six selected essays on Wirearchy: “The power and effectiveness of people working together through connection and collaboration … taking responsibility individually and collectively rather than relying on traditional hierarchical status.” We publish this series in the context of, and in recognition of,… Continue reading

Transitioning From Ego-system to Eco-system Economies (1)

The following is excerpted from a summary of the book by Otto Scharmer: Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-system to Eco-system Economies, which features Ten Transition Theses Otto Scharmer writes: “We live in an age of profound disruption. Global crises, such as finance, food, fuel, water, resource scarcity and poverty challenge just about every… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: An Electricity-Backed Currency Proposal

“One alternative asset for a central bank to hold consists of electricity delivering assets. Electricity delivering assets don’t need to be physical assets such as fuel or power plants, but rather may be claims in the form of standardized Power Purchase Agreements for the delivery of electricity from power producers. Electricity delivering assets can hold… Continue reading

Characteristics of Future-Proof Companies in the Age of the Collaborative Commons

A thoughtpiece excerpted from Simone Cicero: “It’s some time now, therefore, that I wonder what it means to create a futureproof business, and recently I have often wondered if this is still a topic of interest. One thing that I pondered often lately is the trends related to S&P500 dynamism. If you look at the… Continue reading

A new report on Distributed Energy and Destructive Finance

* Report: Energy, Work and Finance. The Corner House, 2014 Corner House describes their new report: “Politicians and environmental activists often make it seem as if a transition to a green, climate-friendly energy future were primarily a matter of finding and deploying trillions of dollars to replace fossil fuels, improve energy efficiency, solve energy poverty,… Continue reading

The Industrial Internet Consortium

“The natural successor to the Industrial and Internet Revolutions, the Industrial Internet will completely transform the way that we live and work. Intelligent machines enable optimization, leading to better performance, lower costs and higher reliability. Check the scenarios to learn more about how the Industrial Internet can be applied in different industries. The Industrial Internet… Continue reading

Kunlabora: cooperatives and sustainability development in Chile

Kunlabora is a new cooperative, based in Santiago, dedicated to assist and encourage the creation and development of cooperatives in Chile. Composed of multi-disciplinary professionals, they offer legal & management advices, engineering consulting and education services to cooperatives and social organisations. They are currently in a phase of diffusion and projects research, and also working… Continue reading

New Book: Has social living shrunk our brains?

Our brains have shrunk in the past 20,000 years. In The Domesticated Brain, Bruce Hood argues that it’s a result of living together in societies “TWENTY thousand years ago, the average human brain was 10 per cent larger than it is today. Some people, such as David Geary, a psychologist at the University of Missouri in Columbia,… Continue reading

Open knowledge cooperative Enreda launch crowdfunding campaign for Social to Crowd project

Social to Crowd from Repeater on Vimeo. Open knowledge cooperative Enreda launches crowdfunding campaign for Social to Crowd project thanks to an agreement between Goteo (spanish crowdfunding platform) and the International University of Andalusia, framed in the III call for “UNIA Capital Riego” and focused on cooperation and childhood. This project is supported by ERIS,… Continue reading

Book of the Day: The Community Lover’s Guide to the Universe

“The Community Lover’s Guide to the Universe is a growing collection of stories and book editions, bringing together the experiences of many amazing people and their innovative projects – people who are actively and creatively making community, together. Each book is produced collaboratively, and focuses on a particular place or theme. The website is a… Continue reading