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First P2P General Strike is Spreading in the US and beyond: OCCUPY MAY DAY

SPRING IS HERE. WE ARE COMING THE PLAN For May 1st, 2012 Occupy Los Angeles is organizing around a “4 Winds” People’s Power Car and Bike Caravan through the urban sprawl of Los Angeles that will culminate in Direct Action in and around the Financial District of downtown LA. People from all sectors of the… Continue reading

Video of the Day: Marty Kaplan on Going from Attention to Engagement

The Learner Blog writes that this is “one of the best presentations on media, entertainment and technology I have ever watched”. Here are some details: “Barcelona Media, an interdisciplinary center of research and innovation, hosted Lear Center director Marty Kaplan to speak at its 10th anniversary celebration on March 6, 2012. His talk is titled… Continue reading

Steve Keen: Two proposals to eliminate the unproductive debt burden

Via Steve Keen: “To prevent bubbles, we therefore have to reduce the appeal of leveraged speculation on asset prices, without at the same time choking off demand for debt for either legitimate investment or unavoidable borrowing. I propose two mechanisms: “Jubilee Shares” and “Property Income Limited Leverage” (“The PILL”): 1. Jubilee Shares: To redefine shares… Continue reading

Technological Change Is Drastically Reducing the Efficient Scale Size

A crucial contribution to the ‘value crisis’ debate, by David de Ugarte of (many thanks to Etienne Figueroa for the translation) “In a time when technologies have drastically reduced the efficient scale of production, capital, instead of adapting itself to this reality, has fled towards the opacity of securitization and large-scale short selling. As… Continue reading

The Open Scientific Publishing movement is gaining traction

From a longer article in the Guardian by Alok Jha, who reports on the progress of a scientific revolt against exploitative scientific publishing: ‘in January this year, Gowers wrote an article on his blog declaring that he would henceforth decline to submit to or review papers for any academic journal published by Elsevier, the largest… Continue reading

Dale Carrico’s critique of the fallacy of geo-engineering

Via Dale Carrico: “This article is not intended as a contribution to the debate on “geo-engineering.” I insist on that because it seems to me the more important point to make about “geo-engineering” is that it is, strictly speaking, non-debatable. More specifically, I think the principal work of “geo-engineering” discourse is to displace debate, not… Continue reading

Peer to Peer User Owned Communications Infrastructure at #OccupyWallStreet and beyond

Gordon Cook has done it again, in providing a very detailed treatment of the alternative, user-owned p2p infrastructures that are emerging, and detailing in particular the case study of Isaac Wilder’s FreedomTower meshwork. Very much work reading also as a historical document on the OWS movement’s technological spin-offs: Peer to Peer User Owned Communications Infrastructure

Video of the Day: Free the Network

This documentary looks at how DIY hack-tech is changing the discourse of modern day protests: “Our story follows the trials of a pair of college dropouts who head up the Free Network Foundation, a peer-to-peer communications initiative seeking to liberate the global Internet from corporate clutches by building their own decentralized, cooperatively owned, free network,… Continue reading

New documentary on democratizing the money supply: 97% Owned

Via: “97% Owned investigates behind the scenes of the ever changing financial system, to uncover how the monetary system provides the foundations for international dominance and national control. Fresh thinking, new ideas and answers to simple questions are squeezed into this 2hr 10minute expose.” Here’s the trailer of what looks to be a very good… Continue reading

Kudunomics: property rights for the information-based economy

David Bollier explains the research of Samuel Bowles: “A kudu is a species of antelope that hunters in the Pleistocene era used to hunt. Bowles makes a fascinating comparison between the property rights of subsistence economies that once hunted kudu, and what he calls the “weightless economy” of digital information today. Huh? Here’s Bowles’ analysis:… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: Argentine Worker Cooperatives in Civil Society

* Article: ARGENTINE WORKER COOPERATIVES IN CIVIL SOCIETY: A CHALLENGE TO CAPITAL–LABOR RELATIONS. By Peter Ranis. WorkingUSA, The Journal of Labor and Society. Volume 13 · March 2010 · pp. 77–105 Peter Ranis explains how Argentine’s coops have fought for their place in the Argentinian economy and society, through the building of alliances across the… Continue reading

Jodi Dean: #OccupyWallStreet as a Necessary Call for Collectivity

Excerpted from Jodi Dean, this article focuses on how OWS achieved ‘practical unity’ through the occupation tactic: “The continuity of occupation has been a potent remedy to the fragmentation, localism, and transitoriness of contemporary left politics. Occupation unites and disciplines via local, self-organized, assemblies. This “unity” has not meant accord with a “party line” or… Continue reading