Stimulating the emergence of necessary “Higher We-Spaces”.

Excerpted from George Por:

“I am irresistibly drawn to observe and participate in the emergence of situations and communities, where people are capable to sense, think, relate, and act, momentarily or in a sustained way, from a beyond-ego state or stage of consciousness. They exist in a domain that I call “higher We-spaces.” My passion to experience and explore that emergence, from as close as I can, comes from both personal and planetary drivers.

Here is my personal motivation: In the most thrilling moments of my participation in the energy field of a retreat with Thomas Hübl, or the sangha around Diane Musho Hamilton’s work, or an Enlightened Communication circle, I felt a tidal wave of consciousness hitting the room, and the tide was lifting all boats of our individual states of consciousness.

There’s a growing literature of articles, conference presentations, blogposts, and lists of We-space-inducing injunctions and practices, etc., and reading them can help us understand the what, why, and how of what is emerging. The most rewarding direct knowledge comes from the first-person immersion in the experience of its underlying mystical principles that Thomas Hübl wrote in the The Coming Waves[1]. That’s why I feel the call to study, write about, and immerse myself in this subject.

There’s also a planetary context of my fascination with higher We-spaces. Humanity is on a learning expedition, the next leg of which seems to be a sort of global “flow state,” where unprecedented challenges and unprecedented capabilities are facing off. That state is typically described in the psychological terms of motivation and full immersion in experience, which harness one’s emotional energies in the service of learning or performing an act. To overcome our global crises will require all that from the collective psyche, and more.

As a sign of our times, there are numerous variations of the following saying attributed to Einstein, which are spreading over the Net: “No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it.” So, where are we going to get the higher level collective consciousness required to meet the challenges of our times? A good place to start exploring the paths to the answer to that question, I believe, is the higher We-space experiments currently pursued by various pioneering communities in the integral, evolutionary ecosystem. “For the level of complexity of the organizational and cultural difficulties now facing the human species, nothing short of an awakened We Space will do.”[2]

The human race is just starting to take some baby steps to reach planetary consciousness and collective sentience. We lived the first few 100,000s years crawling, and we are starting to learn standing up and walking. Looked at from that context, the communities, where higher We-spaces manifest, are in the tip of the wave of the shift in consciousness that is sweeping the planet. Can it be that the inter-subjective practices in their groups and events pre-figure an emergent planetary culture?

That’s an epic narrative unfolding in front of our eyes. ”

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