Internationalizing the P2P foundation: Now also a Dutch P2P blog!

Dutch flagThe P2P foundation blog has another daughter, after the French blog started on September 15th 2006 by Remi Sussan, the Dutch blog started last week on March 28th 2007! Like the wiki, the blog is internationalizing. Our stories until today:

  • March 30th, 2007, P2P-Foundation nu ook Nederlands en een oproep, is about what this new blog is about, and why we exist.
  • March 31th, 2007, Wisdom of crowds en de politie, een goede match, is about the Dutch police who asks ‘the crowd’ for clues about a not yet solved cold case.
  • April 2th, 2007, Peer2Peer en social software is a re-post from a friend which is a summary about a lecture of Michel in Amsterdam in April 2006.
  • April 2th, 2007, Podcast: Michel Bauwens praat met Carool Kersten in Chiang Mai, is an interview in Dutch with Michel Bauwens which is embedded on the blog as a podcast.

I would like to use this oppurtunity to ask all our Dutch readers to contribute or to hint interesting material for the new blog. Which language will be next?

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