Zed Shaw launches Freehacker’s Union

Here’s the original description of the project.

Warning: It’s a rant, i.e. continuous use of the kind of language we never use here, showing a particular dislike of MBA and business types, and framed as a desire to go back to the original values and ideals of the hacking community.

(here’s a comprehensive list of open and free movements)

Here’s Zed practical appeal, send by email:

This is a quick form mail I’m shooting to the people who were interested in the Freehackers Union. Sorry for not making it more personal, but the response was big enough and I’ve got a lot to do to
get this going. 🙂

Right now it looks like there’s a few people all over who want to setup chapters, so I’m looking at trying to get that going. Here’s what I’m doing to make that happen:

1) Someone hooked up a IRC channel for me on irc.freenode.org that I want everyone to come join so we can hash out our evil plans. Join #freehackersunion at irc.freenode.org. My nick is zedas.

2) I’m setting up a mailing list system that we can use to continue the discussion and to coordinate our activities.

3) I’ll be doing a web site for FU that lays out what we come up with as values and describes how to join or start a chapter.

4) I’ve got someone working on a sweet logo, which I’ll have everyone take a look at and give their vote.”

The new home page is here at http://freehackersunion.org/

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  1. AvatarZbigniew Lukasiak

    Just one word resentment. Hmm – is this a wise movement? No. But can it succed? Yes – just look at the other revolutions (French, Russian), resentment is what powered them.

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