1 Comment Working on a definition of the sharing economy

  1. AvatarSeamus Alderfield

    Interesting that discussions about flat hierarchies and sharing economies are coming from an area [the ‘digital world’] that is effecting some of the most profound changes in the overall economy. However, although the principles of data sharing are useful in subverting the capitalist division of labour into intellectual and non-intellectual work, etc, discussions seem to be constrained by the limits of that world, ie, limited to debates about the use of data, without reference to meta-economic factors, such as the proletarianisation of much of the middle class, voluntary self-enslavement expressed as consumer non-charging trials of new online approaches/media/goods. We cannot continue to talk about ‘economies’ as apparently autonomous realms, when all economic activity is subsumed by political economy, the study of the domination of increasingly large [‘free’ or salaried/waged] elements of our lives by the global logic of the capitalist exchange economy.

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