Why everybody should own their home as non-speculative property

Excerpted from Christopher Alexander’s A Pattern Language (1977).

(From Pattern #79, Your Own Home)

Moving“People cannot be genuinely comfortable and healthy in a house which is not theirs. All forms of rental — whether from private landlords or public housing agencies — work against the natural processes which allow people to form stable, self-healing communities. …

This pattern is not intended as an argument in favor of “private property” or the process of buying and selling land. Indeed, it is very clear that all those processes which encourage speculation in land, for the sake of profit, are unhealthy and destructive, because they invite people to treat houses as commodities, to build things for “resale,” and not in such a way as to fit their own needs.

And just as speculation and the profit motive make it impossible for people to adopt their houses to their own needs, so tenancy, rental, and landlords do the same. Rental areas are always the first to turn to slums. The mechanism is clear and well-known. The landlord tries to keep his maintenance and repair costs as low as possible; the residents have no incentive to maintain and repair the homes — in fact, the opposite — since improvements add to the wealth of the landlord and even justify higher rent. And so the typical piece of rental property degenerates over the years.

This requires, then, that every house is owned — in some fashion — by the people that live in it; it requires a form of ownership which discourages speculation.”

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  1. Avatarjim fearnley

    Defeat rentier exploitation! Become a petit-bourgeois! When do we want it? When we’ve saved up enough for a healthy deposit and shinned far enough up the greasy pole to pay a ridiculous mortgage!

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