What’s Happening in the P2P Research Space?

An overview by Nicolas Mendoza:

* R2R_Research_Process_Protocol_Project page at the P2P Foundation Wiki

URL = http://p2pfoundation.net/The_R2R_Research_Process_Protocol_Project

Please bear in mind that it is indeed a “Request for Comments”, as we believe that the final form of this P2P research initiative should be itself the result of a P2P production process.

* Jarkko Moilanen’s Call for Action Call for action

Towards a Joint research group for Peer Production

URL = http://surveys.peerproduction.net/2012/09/joint-research-group-for-peer-production/

As described by Jarkko, this call for action aims to:

1) Find all Peer-production researchers and collect them around the same ‘table’.

2) Thus create more coherent approach to (including statistical) Peer-production research.

3) Form basis for joint research and tools to ensure future research.

* James Carlson’s research project suggestion in relation to Space Federation

“The School Factory’s Space Federation, a US-based network of p2p spaces, would appreciate direction on this. What methods for measuring and collecting data, even a survey for spaces to assess community capacity, equipment, footage, economics, could we support? We would happily share any results we can collect and our drafts of these concepts.”

* Joe Corneli’s Free Technology Guild

URL = http://campus.ftacademy.org/wiki/index.php/Free_Technology_Guild

J Corneli: “Part of the relevance of our project is as a new way to secure funding for research and a new way of doing research (links from the wiki-research-l, for “Research into Wikimedia content and communities”, but what’s more interesting to us is a sort of “wiki way” of doing research).

In short, we have a lot to add but our growth is necessarily slow for now. Full disclosure: we too would like to be a “project incubator”, this time mainly for technical projects that can get some benefits from working together (example projects).”

* The “Change Academic Research Forever” project.

URL = http://www.rockethub.com/projects/10270-change-academic-research-forever

Michael Lissack writes: “We are building a one click button to help researchers find one another based on what they read and search. Find an expert instantly. We want to enable researchers to find out “who should I talk to?” with merely a click of a mouse instead of a many hour slug through keywords and Google. We have the raw ingredients but we need to build the button. It will be based on the “what should I read?” button which already exists in the ISCE Library.

The ISCE Library currently is a collection of 1000+ full text on-line books with a unique search capability — the user can upload a draft of their research project (say 2000 words) and the system will analyze the upload and then tell them what books in the library they should read for further insight, good quotes, additional material etc. The who else to talk to functionality is the missing link. Please help us make this dream a reality. We have built the bulk of the necessary technology (demo). We need your help to both fund the initial community of researchers and to build the social network search technology. We are crowdfunding through RocketHub (a service which operates much like Kickstarter).”

To try a demo of the service please go to http://isce-library.net login as user: [email protected] password is “Library”

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