What to think of Damanhur?

Prompted by Eric Hunting’s remarks on the innovative role of spiritual communities in designing a post-industrial future, I started digging a little bit more. I am sorry that I failed to visit the place last May when I was close by in the north of Italy.

In any case, the result is a new page on our wiki, see here.

Apart from the general presentation, it contains a spirited defense by Lion Kimbro, who answers my worries about spiritual authoritarianism.

Also a very stimulating analytical piece by Anthony Judge, the last person on earth who could be accused of easy enthusiasms.

What he focuses on is the time-based epistemology of the community, which may seem absurd on the surface of it, yet …

What does all of this have to do with p2p?


In the West the only reality I’m aware of where a complete complementary currency system is working, is the Federation of Damanhur.

– Bernard Lietaer

Damanhur is the best example found of a collection of eco-villages – a Federation – with a strong spiritual philosophy and work ethic. …

– David Kanaley

Our good friend Franz Nahrada even suggests that we apply a formal p2p test to them:

“I think we should challenge Tamera (http://www.tamera.org/) and Damanhur and all the other enlightened, fabulous communities to take part of the share of collective development work. Invite them to whatsoever, be it advanced solar collectors, tensegrity tents, germ development. Only one condition: Products are Open Source, which means that there are no trade secrets and all art is public, and they are useful for others.”

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