What kind of business can survive web evolution?

Yihong Ding makes an interesting contribution to business strategy at the Semantic Report magazine, which I recommend reading in full.

Here is the main argument:

What is the most fundamental reason that drives normal people contributing to the Web? And my answer: People contribute to the Web so that they can be recognized at present and be remembered ever after. It is not because of money (Web evolution did not take a single pause when the dot-com bubble burst), and nor is it because of entertainment (the majority of people do not live with entertaining). Both money and entertainment are valuable additions to the fundamental reason. Both of them accelerate the progress of Web evolution. But neither is the most fundamental.

So, business strategy managers, what is the most fundamental service of your business? To help people make money, to bring entertainment to people, or to help people be recognized and be remembered?

* If the answer is the first one, this is a good business but be careful of the next Web bubble.

* If the answer is the second one, this is again a good business but be careful that your customers may have already started to be bored.

* If the answer is the third one, this is a great business that satisfies both human instincts and Web evolution. This business can survive bubbles, and it is less likely to be bored.

* At last, if your answer is the third one, and your business also provides the facilities of the first and the second choices, you must let me know the name of your business so that I never miss the chance to buy your stocks.”

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