What is the coming Fourth Singularity of our universe ?

There will soon be four singularities of the universe, building on the achievements of the first three, argues Olivier Auber in a brilliant essay.

Some backgrond first:

– the first Singularity of the Universe (the alleged Big Bang).

– the second Singularity that took place on earth and probably on billions of other planets: the explosion of codes called Abiogenesis, that realized the transition of a world without biology to a world with biology. Most species that emerged during the Abiogenesis disappeared or mutated, while a small number have proliferated into the present.

– the third Singularity; the origination of the human language,

the fourth one, a hypothetical one; would be the inception of two possible class of artificial living species (Artificial General Intelligence and Mindplexes)

Olivier Auber continues, and asks, What is the fourth Singularity?

If weapons were the trigger for our language, both continued to evolve together until they were almost inseparable, so much that we now live within their complex entanglement. Even more refined than military weapons, I believe that the mother of all weapons is now invisible, immaterial and essentially logical: that is Capital and Money. Unlike the previous Singularity where weapons were used by dominated peers in order to threaten the dominant ones, the monetary weapon is now exclusively in the hands of the dominants (that is not the elites). Moreover, by driving the technological development, this weapon is becoming an instrument of total domination. Indeed, Capital — traditionally seen as the accumulation of stocks and means of production — has been suddenly dematerialized in the form of complex economic and symbolic values activated by robots and Artificial Intelligence working for an ever smaller number of people; i.e. the Vectorialist Class which owns the vectors of our interactions (Wark 2004). Who can not see that this exponential concentration leaves around vast desert areas, where currency as other economic values are in the best cases maintained under perfusion? The monetary code, based on its mode of creation by debt (Graeber 2013), appears more and more like a carnivorous operating system that inevitably leads to destruction. It is as if its runaway allows a kind of quasi-living system to practice a systemic predation of our species. That is to say, it can kill safely, blindly and indiscriminately our fellow humans (as well as animals), whatever their social ability, to the point that the ancient order, based on our language, seems to become obsolete. Our species seems to be submitted to a new political stress, similar to the one which led to the invention of language, but in a reverse direction. What is this phenomena of such a magnitude, if it is not the announcement of a new Singularity?

Some researchers think that the coming Singularity will target this monetary crisis (Laborde 2010). Indeed, the inception of Alternative Currency Models (ACM) could boot a completely different monetary order. But ACM — if controlled by some Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) — could also reboot an even worse domination. No doubt that ACM are new weapons that we have to control in a certain perspective. At present, Distributed Autonomous Organisations (DAO) emulated by ACM are popping up everywhere like spontaneous generations of artificial living species within a transitioning ecology. They compete with one another, as they try to proliferate on the same playing field of our economic relations. We know that they will combine, mutate or disappear until a new revitalized ecosystem emerges.” (https://www.academia.edu/16621395/Refounding_Legitimacy_Toward_a_Global_Immune_System)