“What is Peer to Peer?” – 4 min. version of Michel Bauwens video interview featuring CC licensed music

This is a new 4 min. version of the original 20 min. video interview with Michel Bauwens (see this Robin Good article for the full version) centered around the question What is Peer to Peer? The music used is the CC licensed track My Piano Sings (Part 2) by John Holowach from his free archive.org hosted album Piano Works.

Click the image to watch the Flash video in your browser or download the video (MPEG-4/h.264 encoded) – free and open-source VLC media player available.

The video is licensed under a Creative Commons license that allows you to make derivative works – details here.

If you want to embed the video in your own blog get the JavaScript code from the video’s blip.tv page.


Tags: p2p, peer to peer, video, interview, michel bauwens

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