WePromise.eu – Digital Rights and the European Elections

Between the 22nd and the 25th of May European citizens will be heading to the polls to cast their votes on Europe’s Future.

To put digital rights on the agenda a network of 36 European civil rights organisations and activists have joined forces in Brussels under the banner of European Digital Rights for the WePromise.eu campaign.  The campaign aims to mobilise citizens to contact politicians running for elections and to get them to sign up to a 10 point charter for digital rights.

In short to demand that politicians support the following –

1. I will promote transparency, access to documents and citizen participation
2. I will support data protection and privacy legislation
3. I will defend unrestricted access to the Internet and online Services
4. I will promote an update of copyright legislation
5. I will not support blanket, unchecked surveillance measures
6. I will promote online anonymity and encryption
7. I will not support privatised enforcement outside the rule of law
8. I will support export controls of surveillance and censorship technology
9. I will defend the principle of multistakeholderism
10. I will promote Free software (Open source software)

Visit WePromise.eu now for more details and contact politicians running for elections in your locality.

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