Welcome to the SWARM Economy by Joel Dietz

The internet is a massive network of individuals freely sharing information. It has transformed and flattened traditional power structures and governments that attempted to shackle it. It has produced incredible innovations in technology and greater human freedom.

At the same time, the financial elite has erected massive walls that have protected it against these changes. Big banks have lobbied governments for regulatory walls with money stolen from these very same governments, even while they themselves have been systematically defrauding the public.

While millions are unemployed, the new kings of finance continue to advocate violence aimed to destroy everyone that would threaten their stranglehold on power. As thousands starve under the foot of this new economic imperialism, those enthroned simply laugh and say, “let them eat cake.”

We are in the early stages of a revolution. The core technological innovation of Bitcoin is that it is possible to build a massive peer to peer network outside of the normal regulatory walls built by the big banks.

While this network has primarily been regarded as a strange sort of extremely volatile currency, brilliant cryptoengineers have been able to see the kinds of emergent possibilities that can be built via a massively distributed network.

SWARM is the leader in this 2.0 space, bringing the transformative power of the internet to finance, and transforming an industry defined by hidden handshakes in the halls of power to something that allows self-organization from the bottom up.

Innovations in many sectors, from internet startups to warfare, have shown that flat organizational structures with streamlined individual autonomy can outcompete slower behemoths. This is because they shorten the time to decision and are always able to adapt on the basis of new information.

Already, SWARM has pioneered a new term “cryptoequity,” something that does not fit cleanly into any existing regulatory framework, but instead is creating a new paradigm for project organization.

Through the SWARM network, people can create their own cryptoequity and use it to rapidly fund their projects. This is Kickstarter on steroids. Not only is it frictionless and immediately global, it allows the users of a project to also be its investors.

While there has been a recent move towards cooperatives of various kinds, there has never been the possibility of a global cooperative, even less one that can rapidly raise money and channel it into worthwhile projects.

That’s what SWARM is. A new transformational model for re-imagining the economy from the bottom up.

SWARM is launching its own fundraiser during our launch party on June 16th in Berlin. We invite all of you to join us.

Join the swarm. www.swarmcorp.com

Source – https://gist.github.com/fractastical/113e526e01d7de35dbf8