Webcast by Remi Sussan on transhumanist utopias

As a blog on peer to peer issues, we do not regularly blog about transhumanism, but we’re making an exception for this webcast of our collaborator Remi Sussan.

Remi is the author of a book, les Utopies Posthumaines, which we have announced previously, discussing in particular the interplay between the transhuman meme and the P2P meme. Remi also regularly updates our French-language pages. Dale Carrico also regularly discusses the interplay between both, specializing in how participative policy making can be a mode of governance concerning future technological developments.

Remi Sussan recently gave a noted lecture for the FNAC in Paris, which is now available as a webcast, and we strongly recommend it. Click here to watch it.

And don’t forget there are many more webcasts on p2p topics, for your viewing pleasure.

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