1 Comment We need our platforms to be real democracies

  1. AvatarCharley Quinton

    The Wikipedia principles, “Be bold” and “Assume good faith” come to mind. From my perspective as an electronics engineering technologist, interfaces are the playing field and access to resources is the primary key. Insisting that shared object and device driver code crafted of, by and for the people designed to render a democratic platform from open libraries tempered toward collaboration, must, with experience over time, will eventually prove once and for all, that community itself IS capital.
    I turn to the w3c, eff, fsf and the open source culture for leadership. The opening of the standards, protocols and accounting systems will reduce and in time eliminate the “mysterious monster” they we, the species, has created. My favorite preacher, Eben Moglin, (RMS’s lawyer btw) has nailed the corporate consumerism model to the floor by exposing the legal booby trap set by the megawealthy proponents of the absurd notion of “intellectual property” in a way that spells doom for the oppressor. Until we (as members of an intelligent species) follow the natural law of liberty, we remain subjects of utter vanity.

    Thank you for making good sense, Nathan!

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