We need customer-owned internet infrastructure

Via Bill St. Arnaud:

Around the world there is growing alarm at attempts by carriers, ostensibly for traffic management reasons, to install deep packet inspection equipment, but now being used for local web ad insertion and other activities. Network neutrality is increasingly also an issue about network privacy. As such various organizations like the prestigious Max Planck institute and others are developing tools so that consumers can discover whether their carrier is doing deep packet inspection and hopefully thwart these serious potential threats to consumer privacy. To my mind this issue will never disappear because the fundamental issue is the current business model of limited competition and a presupposition that the carrier “owns” the last mile and is therefore free to do what they wish with “their” network. I have long argued that to free ourselves of these threats to Internet privacy and freedom we need a new business model where the consumer “owns” the last mile and free to connect to any service provider they wish at neighbourhood carrier neutral interconnect facility. Next generation Fiber to the Home architectures like CityNet and Burlington Vermont enable this type of capability.”

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Free fiber to the home

– “The goal of our Glasnost project is to make access networks, such as residential cable, DSL, and cellular broadband networks, more transparent to their customers.”

Deep packet inspection under assault over privacy concerns

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  1. AvatarDante-Gabryell Monson

    The last mile is a interesting topic – perhaps one that could also relate to the discussion on the p2pfoundation ning forum initiated by Sepp

    Could ‘Peernet’ be separate from today’s internet infrastructure? :


    Wireless technologies , might be well suited for last mile.

    Understanding protocols used for data transmission can also be a interesting approach to reduce control of providers over our data transmission.

    ” Consumer Cooperative / Community Owned ” fibre optic for the last mile would also be great.

    Do you know any examples for such last mile Fibre Optic last mile ?

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