We are the 1 percent – We stand with the 99 percent

We are the 1 percent – We stand with the 99 percent is an interesting collection of testimonies on tumblr. Lots of people who were born into wealth or were just lucky (or smart) and who have more than enough. They feel they are part of the 1% and yet … they stand with the majority. Many say “tax me” or “redistribute”. their express desire is to live in a world where they aren’t the only ones who have healthcare or education without a mountain of debt or enough money to eat properly every day.

Sometimes we hear that it would be impossible to tax the rich – they would no longer work and the economy would fail. These people tell a different story. There is much desire for a more equitable distribution of those riches.

Understandably, the server is having some trouble, perhaps because if you start reading, you get drawn along to see more and more. Here are a few examples…

My family has two houses. Seven cars. A small business. We are three people. My college is paid for, no loans. I have more money than I know what to do with. Tax me more. Help me give back.
I am the 1%. I stand with the 99%.

I inherited money at 25. My grandparents paid for my private education through college. They gave me a trust fund. My family and I are so lucky. But I want to live in a country where it doesn’t take luck to make it.

As a child I was given stock in a company that later went public.
With this money I have paid for private high school, private college and more than one masters degree at a private university.
Still, with what is left over I make more off capital gains than many people make working.
I recently learned that I pay lower taxes than a public school teacher. This is wrong.
Higher taxes would NOT have deterred my family from growing their businesses and employing people.
Tax me more.
Redistribute wealth.
I am the 1%
I stand with the 99%

More at http://westandwiththe99percent.tumblr.com/

(there are 10 pages – look for a yellow “WANDER BACK” sign… the way to go)

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  1. AvatarJames

    Um, why don’t they give their excessive income away to deserving charities? Why give the U.S. government more money to waste and spend on its military to wreck havoc on other countries?

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