Ecuador’s FLOK Project: what can we learn from the ‘really existing knowledge economy’

The project wants to create the conditions for a fully fledged open-knowledge based commons society, or ‘social knowledge economy’. But this economy already exists, and we must learn from it. In this presentation, Michel Bauwens outlines, for a group of researchers working in Ecuador, what we know about the functioning and institutionalization of this new economy, how it integrated in the existing political economy, and how it can be liberated from this. How do we move from a proto-mode of peer production, to a fully functioning and autonomous modality that can ensure its own self-production. Michel tells me he felt particularly inspired that day, stimulated by the serious intent of the researchers present. Thanks to the IAEN, research dean Freddy Alvarez, and the team of the Amauwta research sharing project for sponsoring this event.