Video of the Day: Global Capitalism Update with Prof. Rick Wolff

I was initially taken aback at the length of this video-lecture by Professor Rick Wolff – almost an hour and a half – but, let me assure you, it’s totally worth it. He’s the sort of teacher I really wish I could’ve had in university (surely I’d have gone to class more often!)

Image by The Extraenviromentalist

Wolff starts with the death of Nelson Mandela, analysing the South African leader’s refusal to nationalise his country’s mining industry, and then he really takes off: Marx and the French Revolution, Detroit and General Motors, Spain’s new “anti-15M” law, profit maximization, a precise breakdown of the origins of globalisation and the rising wealth inequality – it’s all in there. He also gets charmingly pissed off in the process, turning his barely held fury into delightfully expressed irony that just makes me want to shake my fist at the sky (or, in this case, blackboard) along with him. Like I say, the hour and a half flew by, so I really recommend the vid. He regularly holds these lectures at the New School in Manhattan, and then uploads them to YouTube. I know I won’t be missing the next one in February (by then, he assures us, all of the woes caused by global capitalism will be gone).

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