Video of the Day: Festival for Solidarity and Cooperative Economy in Greece

This very effective promotional video shows how far  Spithari – Waking Life  (based in the town of Marathon in Greece) has come over the last few years with their open data, off-grid, experimental living project:

They are asking for crowdfunding solidarity to help support the second pre-festival event of Solidarity, Creativity, and Sustainability:

Following the last years successful pre-festival in the self-managed camping of Voula, this year’s event is moving from the acquired theory to practice, focusing on promoting the eco-community based living and exchanging practices, technical know-how and further insights. Through workshops and alongside with artistic improvisations, it will help us come closer to ourselves and consequently to one another while spending a nice three-day event.

During these days, we will have the chance to learn and create whatever is conducive to the growth of self-sufficiency, aiming at the same time to help the current projects move forward and encourage the creation of future sustainable places.

The crowdfunding page on IndieGoGo is here.

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