Video of the Day: Cooperative Codes

The following video was produced by the Free Software cooperative of Argentina called Gcoop with the support of the cooperative “La Olla”. The short movie received the 1st prize award in the Cooperatives National Congress in Argentina. It was released under a CC BY-SA license. We present it here with english subtitles:

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  1. AvatarPoor Richard

    I didn’t care much for the spin in this presentation. IMO it emphasized the wrong things. I have just as much problem with “no rights reserved” as with “all rights reserved”. The sweet spots are somewhere in between the two extremes. I think all workers, including cooperative knowledge workers, are entitled to more than wages. I think they are entitled to reasonable, residual equity in the value they add to any product or organization. Information technology now makes the necessary complex micro-accounting possible and will eventually make it completely trivial.

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