Video of the Day: Bittunes – Super Distribution meets CC meets Bitcoin

Tomer from @iamsatoshi interviews Simon Edhouse, CEO of Bittunes, an Independent Digital Music Market where artists can both share and monetise their output.

From the notes accompanying the video:

Bittunes2Bittunes is about empowering the end-user. It is about monetization of digital exchange between peers. As this is something which is impossible with traditional currencies, bitcoin was the perfect solution. I had the pleasure of meeting Simon Edhouse, Bittunes’ CEO, in Bitcoin Singapore 2013, and I fell in-love with his project. To use his words, ‘one thing is certain, everything has changed’. Simon has developed a fantastic platform that will allow independent artists to self publish their music, and by empowering their fans, empower themselves. I see great future to Bittunes, and I wish Simon and his family all the best for 2014 and beyond. I had the pleasure of recording an extremely insightful interview with Simon, I hope you enjoy. Follow @SimonEdhouse

Watch the video here:

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