Video of the Day: Ann Pendleton Jullian on Power and Ecosystems of Change

In her talk at TEDxGeorgetown ‘Power and Ecosystems of Change’, Ann Pendleton Jullian discusses changes in the distribution of power as societies move into a more networked era.
She uses David Ronfelt’s TIMN(Tribes,Institutions,Markets,Networks) framework to discuss the challenges of transitioning from a Triformist Era to a networked Quadriformist Era.
In the Triformist era the guiding Meta-Narrative of society is top down, passed from Goverments and institutions to the people. This power is disrupted in the emerging Quadriformist era as the power of networks amplifies micro-narratives from below, empowering more and more people to participate in informing and shaping what that Meta-Narrative the great story of our times should be.

See Also: Helene Finidori suggests “How about ‘Growing the Commons’ as a meta-narrative for a paradigm shift?

“We should multiply opportunities to formulate this meta-narrative and examine how various micro-narratives could be expressed in relation to the commons, which mecanisms could empower engagement and how networks could enable it. This would generate discussions on the basic principles for the integrity of the commons and how they would be best ‘grown’, providing some feedback on the modalities and boundaries of ‘growth’, transforming in the process the definition of growth itself. It would give the commons a voice, and set a framework to prevent or limit further enclosure, cooptation and corruption of the commons and the commons vocabulary.”

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