Do your friends think OuiShare is a site for posting photos?  Do you know people who believe “the commons” is a book written by Karl Marx? Have you ever shocked people by suggesting AirBnB and Uber might be evil?

As an open economy neophyte, I’ll admit some of the concepts can be confusing.  Yet with encouragement from the P2P community and some perseverance, newcomers can begin to appreciate the message.

The problem is that many people are unwilling to click on a post titled Neoliberal Exploitation of Commons-Based Structural Exchange Platforms.  (Which was a truly fascinating article.)

Not everyone is a reader.

My son and his friends prefer podcasts.  Other people enjoy photos with witty captions. Many of the people I work with prefer their information in tweet-sized bursts. (Which explains why they don’t bother reading the policies my unit publishes.)

As a compromise to all these styles of information intake, we thought a set of short, engaging videos that illustrate P2P concepts might appeal to a variety of folks.  People who might otherwise not expose themselves to the commons.

Recently, I participated in a group discussion regarding how to move a project like this forward.  One person suggested creating a budget proposal and applying for funding.  Another person thought we needed a research team.  Michel Bauwens participated in the discussion. He said,

“Why don’t we do it the P2P way?”

So, that’s what we aim to do.

The working title for the project is P2P: a-z.  We’d like to produce 24 videos, one for each letter of the English alphabet.  If there are people interested in pursuing this in a language other than English, we can do videos for each letter of your language.

I created a project in Loomio.  Loomio is an online platform that facilitates peer decision-making.  All members can share their ideas and we can decide together how we want to accomplish this project.  To participate, go to and click Ask to join group.

Whether you have video editing skills, writing skills or creative ideas for illustrating P2P concepts, we welcome your participation.

To illustrate my impression of the type of videos we want to produce, I made a video about making videos for P2P.

Photo by thomaswanhoff

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