Urban Ghosts

In early 2008 at the University of Michigan, drawing on inspirations like www.spacing.org, www.talkingstreet.com, and Malcolm McCullough’s work on “networked cities”, Lauren Myers and I created a presentation/idea on “Urban Ghosts” which asks the question:

How can we make visible in the landscape the invisible geography of loss?

Our urban history is replete with buildings razed, lives lost, communities vanished, nature swept aside.

Inscribing urban spaces with the reminders of their histories – what events have changed the landscape and who has borne their costs – can serve as an ironic counterpoint to “urban markup” as centric geek chic.

Here are clickable links to pdf’s of the presentation displays:

As of October 13, 2008 Warren Ellis says:

Can you imagine what a walk through the deep history of central London would be like, if almost every building you saw was capable of talking to your internet device?


from http://panarchy.com/?q=node/45

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