New economics podcast Upstream needs your help!

Hello! Della and Robert here, co-producers of the Upstream Podcast, an audio documentary series that explores stories of the new economy.

We often say that we couldn’t keep this project going without your support — well, this is LITERALLY TRUE. The laptop and the audio software that we use to produce our documentaries are now out of date and no longer working properly. As a result, we cannot begin to produce our 2018 season of episodes until we upgrade our equipment.

Please help us raise money to purchase new equipment so that we can produce our 2018 season and beyond.

We have a limited budget to make this project happen and it takes a certain quality of resources to produce in-depth, high-quality audio documentaries. Because we provide all of our content for free, we need to ask for your support to keep things going.

The work we are doing through Upstream is more important than ever. Our documentaries help give voice to the most pressing issues of our time. By supporting us in this crowdfunding campaign with your tax-deductible donation, you’ll invest in us to continue to tell the stories that we hope will lead us to a better world — one that puts people and planet over profit.

Over the last three years we’ve grown and deepened our impact immensely, producing eleven full-length documentaries and dozens of stand-alone interviews reaching thousands of listeners.

And we’re really just getting started! We have big plans for 2018, with several documentaries already in the works (including a series on worker cooperative and an episode on feminist economics). But we will not be able to produce these documentaries without your support.

Thank you for contributing anything that you can. Every donation helps. And if you cannot afford to chip-in, you can still help by sharing this crowdfunding campaign with your networks.

With deep gratitude, thank you again. Together we can bring about the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

In solidarity,

Della & Robert

Photo by tixyvix

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